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   Chapter 223 Hatred

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6291

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When Jack knew that, he was very calm, because he had already guessed that it was all William's fault. He didn't even let go of a woman. How could he hand over this company to such a person?

Jack was going to the company. He must destroy William. He wouldn't give William this company, nor would he leave any brotherhood with him.

"Emma, I will take revenge for you." Jack sent a message to Emma's original phone. In fact, he didn't know whether Emma could receive the message or not. He only knew that he missed Emma very much now.

Emma didn't change her phone number. She received a message from Jack, but she couldn't reply him, because she couldn't make Jack know where she was. Only when she successfully helped Jack, she could only go back after Jack defeated William.

"Jack, I'm sorry that I can't be with you now." Emma thought to herself. In fact, she really wanted to stay with Jack, but now the conditions did not allow her to do so. She had to try her best to help Jack.

Jack didn't receive a message from Emma. Maybe Emma had changed her phone number. Jack had mixed feelings. It'd better not let him see William now, or he might do something bad to him?

Unfortunately, William appeared in front of Jack and mocked him for losing the woman he loved most.

"Hey, isn't this our CEO? How could he come to work after losing his lover? Have you recovered? " There was a hint of mockery in William's tone. Now that he couldn't get the woman, neither did Jack.

"You are a beast. Don't you think others don't know what you have done?" Jack clenched his fists. He really wanted to hit William. He was such a bitch.

"Am I a beast? Then who are you? You are a loser! " William didn't want to be outdone. What was he, Jack? He was just a loser. He couldn't even protect his wife.

"Who the hell are you talking about?" Pulling William's collar, Jack wanted

I didn't want to be against him too much. But now this matter happened, I don't want to let him go again." Jack raised his head with murderous look in his eyes. He wouldn't let William have a good life.

Emma was in the rental house alone, observing the outside world. She was also closely monitoring William and Azure. She was waiting for a good opportunity to capture them.

It suddenly occurred to Emma that she had backed up the recording. Now it was time to send it to Jack. She didn't send it by mobile phone, but by e-mail to Jack, a newly registered e-mail.

Somehow, Jack received an audio message from an unknown e-mail. For some reason, Jack thought it was from Emma.

He clicked on it and found that it was a deal between William and Azure. The two of them wanted to cooperate, devour the whole Ouyang Group, and then split it up. But how could Azure agree with William so easily?

Then there was only one truth. Azure was using William's power to devour the Ouyang Group, and in the end, he would kick William out. Jack had seen that Azure was a company of ruthlessness, leaving no way back.

After Emma sent the audio, she thought that Jack must know that it was her who sent it. But so what? She wouldn't let Jack find her now.

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