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   Chapter 222 The Murderer

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But Emma didn't want to have dinner with William next time. She didn't want to have dinner with him at all.

When Jack recovered, he found that something was wrong with Emma. Why couldn't he even find the person in charge of the accident? Someone must have arranged it on purpose. But was it William?

"Beck, investigate the car accident of Madam and find out who did it." Jack called Beck to find out whether it was William or an ordinary traffic accident.

Jack began to organize his thoughts. Emma went out the day before the accident. She was trying to steal the internal information of William's team to prove that he had cooperated with Azure to devour the Ouyang Group. The place where the accident happened to Emma was not far from William's house.

Was it possible? The accident was not an accident, but William's deliberate arrangement. Emma must have heard something but she was discovered by William, so William wanted to kill her to keep the secret.

"Boss, please give me some time. There is no camera on the road where Madam had a car accident. I'm deleting the surveillance video of other places." Beck called Jack and told him the news.

Sure enough, Emma's car accident was not an accident. Otherwise, how could the driver be so clear that there was no camera and the perpetrator could not be found? But the person behind it was either Azure or William.

Beck personally went to the street where Emma had a car accident. He found that there was almost no camera on the street over there, but there was a shop nearby. He wanted to ask if the shop owner had seen anything that day.

Beck walked to the first shop and asked, "Excuse me. Did you see anyone who had a car accident here a month ago?"

"No." The boss said impatiently. It had been a long time. What's the point of showing it out?

"Thank you." Beck left when he saw his boss like

ake out the money and put it on the table. This kind of person was narrow-minded when it came to money. His eyes couldn't move away as soon as he saw the money.

"We just want to ask you a few simple questions. All right, the money is yours. If you don't give me a good answer, I will break your hands." Said Jack fiercely.

"I see. Go ahead." The man only cared about the money. He just hoped that they could leave when they were about to ask.

"A month ago, you were instructed by whom to hit a lady?" Jack didn't say anything else and asked.

"I don't know his name either. I haven't asked his name every time we made a deal." The man said casually.

"Beck, show him." Jack asked Beck to show William's photo and asked, "is it this man?"

The man nodded as soon as he saw William's photo. It was indeed William's trick. Hearing his words, Jack knew what he wanted. He asked Beck to cut off one of his fingers.

When he left, the scene that Emma fell into a pool of blood kept flashing through Jack's mind. It turned out that it was really William who did all this. He, Jack, must have a grudge against William. He wanted to hit William. He wanted to take revenge for Emma. He wanted to return double what William had done to Emma.

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