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   Chapter 220 An Accident

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The war between William and Jack was still very fierce. Because of the loss of Emma's corpse, Jack felt that there was still a chance for Emma to live. He did not continue to be decadent, but continued to fight with William.

Emma went to the phone store to get her phone. She was worried all the way. She was afraid of meeting people she knew, such as William and Jack. She also wore a hat and mask when she went out.

After getting the phone, Emma began to read the content in it. Fortunately, the recording was not lost, and she did not go in vain. She still helped Jack a little. She was not useless.

When Emma was walking, she suddenly saw a familiar face. She was shocked because it was "William's subordinate". When she saw William's subordinate, he also turned around. Emma was about to turn around, but found that it was too late.

William's men didn't come, but Emma knew that he would definitely go back to inform William. Since he didn't have evidence of seeing her, it didn't matter even if he snitched.

When Emma returned home, she began to think of a way to deal with it. According to William's character, he would definitely come to her. Then what should she do to make William feel that she was not Emma, but looked like her?

By the way, it was said that Korean plastic surgery and Chinese makeup were good. So makeup was enough to make William unable to recognize her. If she changed her tone, William would definitely not know who she was.

"General manager, I just saw Miss Emma in the shopping mall." The subordinate of William called William in a hurry before he arrived at the company. He knew that now Jack was neck and neck with William, and he had to try his best to help William, so that he could develop in the future.

"What? Wasn't Emma dead? How could you see her? " William was shocked. Emma was dead, and the hospital had announced

ically sent to Jack in a few days.

She began to put on makeup. She knew that she couldn't avoid what should come. She had to go. As for whether she could succeed or not, it was all her destiny. She thought it was easy to fool William, because he didn't know what Emma had done. As long as she changed her tone, William would definitely not know.

William began to doubt Emma's quick promise. It might not be Emma! If it was Emma, how could she agree to go out with William? Or was it a trap?

William still booked a private room for dinner. After sending the time and place to Emma, he went to the restaurant to wait for her. When she came, he would know everything, all the problems would be solved.

Emma received the message from William. At this time, she had finished her makeup. She was about to go out. Looking at her makeup, it was perfect, so William could only see the face similar to Emma's, but on a closer look, it was different.

Jack, when he returned home and looked at his phone, he saw the record of Emma buying things with his credit card. In this way, Emma was really alive. Emma didn't die, but where was she now? He didn't know where to find Emma, nor did he know why Emma didn't come back to him even if she was alive.

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