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   Chapter 219 Revive

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When the nurse pushed Emma to the morgue, something strange happened. They always felt that something was moving under the white cloth, but they had been used to seeing dead people. How could dead people move! They must have had an illusion.

"Don't you think she's moving?" A nurse thought for a while and still felt something was wrong. She just came to the hospital not long ago. Seeing this situation, she was a little flustered. She did not know what was going on.

"Don't scare yourself. You may have an illusion if you work here for a long time." An elder nurse was much bolder. She didn't believe in ghosts. People had their own lives.

But the movement under the white cloth was getting more and more fierce, and the two nurses began to feel scared. Before they reached the door of the morgue, they heard a voice under the white cloth, "save me."

The two of them had never met such a situation before and were scared to death. They quickly ran to take the elevator and went upstairs to tell the doctor.

"Doctor Something bad happened. The woman who just pushed to the morgue suddenly began to move. " The doctor was more experienced than them. He thought there might be some vital signs, so he followed them to the morgue.

When he went to the morgue, he saw a miracle that he had never seen in his life. A person who had already lost his vital signs actually woke up. By the time he went there, Emma had already lifted the white cloth and opened her eyes.

"Doctor, help me! Help me!" Emma said weakly. She really lost a lot of blood. The doctor arranged nurses to take her to the operating room and check if her family was still there.

After returning home, Jack was in low spirits. He drank crazily, wine, liquor and beer. As long as he could be anesthetic and make him less painful, he didn't care. He couldn't accept the fact that Emma was gone.

Everything between him and Emma was still floating in fr

hought Sam was just comforting him and didn't want him to continue to sink. But after saying that, Jack fell asleep.

The next day when Jack woke up, he only felt a headache. He remembered what his grandfather had told him last night. Yes, the corpse suddenly disappeared, which meant that Emma might still alive. He had to wait for her to come back.

He began to cheer up and deal with the things he had left behind these days. He must be fine. At least when Emma came back, he would see a better himself.

Not long after Emma was discharged from the hospital, she rented an apartment in a remote place. She almost recovered. After she recovered, she found a mobile phone store to repair her mobile phone.

She lived alone in the rented house and missed Jack very much every night. She didn't know how he was now. He was so smart that when he knew her corpse was missing, he would definitely know that she might still be alive.

Jack paralyzed himself with work every day. He didn't drink any more. He wanted to have a good health and wait for Emma to come back. He promised that he would love Emma more in the future, but before he could do it, Emma was no longer by his side. His biggest wish was that Emma could be safe. He prayed every night that Emma could really be safe.

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