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   Chapter 218 Car Accident

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"I'm willing to cooperate with you, but I hope you could just mind your own business and keep it a secret." William liked this condition very much.

"Mr. William, don't you believe in our ability?" Azure found it a little funny. William was like a toy, being played around by them, but he knew nothing.

"Let's change the shares. If we finally get the company, you get seventy percent and I get thirty percent."' William thought for a while. After all, it was his family's company. Even if Azure helped him get the shares, he couldn't give them too much.

"No problem, Mr. William wish us a pleasant cooperation." Azure was much more sophisticated than William. thirty percent? In the end, William couldn't get a penny. All these were Azure's.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation." William reached out his hand and the two shook hands. Then they left the study. Emma's recording had been finished. With this evidence, William would lose the qualification to be the candidate for the heir.

Hearing no sound, Emma climbed down from the window again. Fortunately, the floor was not high, or Emma would be scared to death. But when Emma was in the study, she did not notice that William had installed the mini camera in many places.

After sending Azure away, William went back to the study and opened the encrypted computer. He saw that the camera recorded the figure of Emma. This woman sneaked in. In this case, she could not blame him for doing something.

When Emma got the recording, she was very happy. She didn't expect that she could make it so soon, and she could go back to see Jack soon. She was really happy, and even her pace became much brisk.

When Emma was crossing the road, a car suddenly rushed towards her from the empty street. She subconsciously dodged, but this car seemed to be aimed at her. When she retreated, the car still drove in her direction.

The car stopped in front of Emma without any signs

continued to shake Emma. He didn't believe that Emma would die like this.

He cried so sadly. Sam rushed to the hospital when he heard the news. He had seen this scene as soon as he went there. He had rarely seen such a crazy Jack.

"Jack, don't be too sad. You can't bring her back to life." Sam's heart ached when he saw the look on Jack's face. He also felt sad about Emma's death. In his mind, Emma was his granddaughter.

"Grandpa..." Jack's voice was choked with sobs. The people coming and going in the corridor all looked at Jack. Such a handsome man cried so sadly. He must have lost the one he loved very much.

The nurse was about to push away Emma's body. If people was dead, he should have gone to the morgue. But Jack tightly grabbed the bed. Beck and several nurses went over and forcefully pulled Jack aside.

Jack, who was pulled over, fell to the ground. He didn't know what to do now. Without Emma, his life would be incomplete. Emma, his favorite, left so easily. He blamed himself and hated himself. If he had paid more attention to Emma, Emma wouldn't have stolen the documents and had a car accident.

"Jack, cheer up. Candy doesn't want to see you like this." Sam patted on Jack's back gently. He also felt sad, but he could only swallow all the pain.

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