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   Chapter 197 Seize The Opportunity

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Looking at the current situation, Wade knew that he couldn't be kind any more.

Now it seemed that no matter what he said was useless.

Wade felt that he had come to see his father today, and his health seemed not so serious.

In fact, Wade didn't hear the doctor's previous explanation.

He just thought that Sam had simply been in a coma for a period of time, and now he was awake.

He thought Sam was fine.

But in fact, Sam's legs couldn't move at all now.

"Dad, shall I leave now?" He asked tentatively.

In fact, he could guess that Sam would not respond to him.

Sure enough, Sam was in a fit of anger and didn't want to talk to him at all.

Wade left quickly with Amy.

In the past, he would always show filial piety.

"Unfilial son!"

After he walked out, Sam said.

Jack patted the back of Sam's hand and comforted him.

Soon, the doctors and nurses came to deal with Sam's broken bone.

He was old and still needed to be plastered.

Jack felt sad to see it.

As the founder of the Ouyang Group, he ended up like this in his late years.

Although there was no material debt, Wade and William were so heartless, which made Jack see through them more.

After what happened today, Jack knew that he had to solve the internal problems of the company as soon as possible.

He couldn't let William make more troubles.

Otherwise, no one knew what would happen.

What's more, Sam's body couldn't stand the torture.

Now Sam was still hospitalized for observation. Jack often came to the hospital to visit him after work.

During this period of time, Emma was also curious why Jack often disappeared.

But William often worked in the company.

Although William also went to the hospital to show up, he just wanted to show that he had gone to the hospital to visit the elderly.

Usually, he would come back to work after a while.

Recently, he had been in touch with Azure more and more closely. They even promised to help him get the position of


However, the person sent by Abner felt something wrong and immediately stood out and said, "General manager William, this record room can't be opened without CEO's permission!"

William looked at the dumbfounded man in front of him unhappily, feeling that he was making trouble out of nothing.

"Who do you think you are?" William said in a firm tone.

Now in front of the people of Azure, this employee dared to block his way and mentioned the identity of Jack. Who was he bluffing?

What's more, he said that he was afraid of Jack in front of people from Azure.

How is that possible?

I will teach you a lesson today!

Thinking of this, William was unwilling to be stopped by this man. He wanted to open the door.

A group of people were quarreling here, and the people from Azure were standing aside and watching a good show.

William couldn't argue, so he asked someone to open the door on purpose.

"You guys, come here and open the door for me." After saying that, he stood aside leisurely and watched these people's movements.

The people sent by Abner could no longer dissuade them. They could do nothing but watch the action of the people called by William.

This was really a dramatic scene.

William even smashed the record room to please the people of Azure, which would shock the public.

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