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   Chapter 196 Waking Up

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Looking at the three people in front of him, Jack couldn't feel their worry about Sam.

It seemed that all they cared about was their own safety.

"William, if you didn't insist on cooperating with Azure, How could grandpa be so anxious that he fell down? !" Shouted Jack.

William knew that it was indeed his fault partly.

But he would never admit it.

If he admitted it, it meant that he had admitted defeat?

His face remained unchanged. He looked at Jack and said, "who knows why he fell? Maybe it's because of you. "

Jack was so angry that he wanted to fight with William.

But he was stopped by Abner.

"Master, this is the hospital." Abner reminded.

The one who started the fight must be the wrong one, so Abner stopped Jack from being impulsive.

Wade stood aside and looked at Jack with displeasure.

At this moment, the doctor suddenly walked to the side and said, "Mr. Sam is awake!"

All of a sudden, Jack ran to the door, forgetting the people in front of him.

Suddenly, something occurred to him. He raised his head and asked the doctor, "can I go in now?"

The doctor nodded.

Sam was out of danger just now and had a clear mind.

But his reaction was very slow.

But his leg was indeed a problem.

After this fall, he could only lie in bed for a long time.

After all, it took him one hundred days to recover.

However, with the property of the Ouyang Family, these were not problems.

Jack slowly pushed the door open and walked in. He saw the absent-minded Sam.

"Grandpa." Jack said softly.

Sam regained his consciousness at once and shouted in a hoarse voice, "Jack."

Jack hurried to stop Sam from saying anything.

"Grandpa, you just woke up. Don't talk in a hurry."

Sam understood and gradually calmed down.

He could clearly feel that his bo

"Grandpa, don't do this. It's all my fault. Don't cancel my qualification, okay? I'm also your grandson! " William pleaded immediately as he was frightened by the words of disqualifying him from being the heir.

However, Sam had made up his mind to do so and would never take back his words.

Besides, he was too weak to talk to these people now.

Amy's face darkened when he heard this. He kept pulling Wade's clothes to make him stand out.

Wade was also shocked when he heard the news.

"Dad! William didn't do anything wrong. Why did you cancel his qualification? !"

Sam didn't answer, but said coldly.

"Get out!"

William was standing in front of them, looking sad and pleading for himself, but he heard that Sam was still so hard-hearted.

He immediately stood up and said, "for so many years, you have been partial! Good! Let's see who is stronger, me or him! "

His words were full of dissatisfaction.

After saying that, William immediately walked out and slammed the door.

Fortunately, although Sam's previous symptoms were very serious, he was much sober now.

So William's attitude didn't irritate him too much.

He watched coldly as William slammed the door and left.

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