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   Chapter 195 Seizing Power

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William said casually, "what do you mean? Do I have to go to the hospital for what I have done? "

Blue veins stood out on Jack's temples.

"How dare you! You contacted those companies without permission, which irritated grandpa to sick! I won't let you go! " His tone was full of hatred.

Only then did William understand what it meant.

Sam was hospitalized?

He was a little panic. He didn't expect such a thing to happen.

Thinking of his identity as his grandson, he must be there as soon as possible.

William was anxiously and put down his work.

Isn't that old man always in good health?

How could this happen?

The more William thought about it, the more frightened he became. He was not afraid that something would happen to Sam.

What he feared was that he had to shoulder the responsibility for Sam's hospitalization.

After all, from the tone of Jack, it was all his fault.

As for Wade, he was also shocked by the news.

He didn't expect that Sam would have such a problem.

"Amy, something happened. We have to go to the hospital now!" He said to Amy anxiously.

Amy, who was arranging flowers, heard Wade's anxious tone and asked, "what's wrong? What happened? "

Wade hurried to the door and said, "Dad fell to the ground. He is in the hospital now! Hurry up and pack up. We are going to the hospital! "

Amy was stunned for a moment. When she realized the meaning of the words, she was ecstatic.

But she suppressed the joy in her heart and hurried upstairs to change her clothes, ready to go out with Wade.

At this time, Jack had just called to inform William. Now he was sitting next to Abner, thinking about all kinds of possibilities.

The doctor finally came out.

"Doctor, how's it going? !" Seeing the doctor come out, Jack stood up and asked anxiously.

The doctor took off his mask and said ca

alized, he could still hide behind Wade.

Jack couldn't stand it anymore.

"I will never admit his identity!" He roared.

"Unfilial son!" Wade said in a trembling voice.

At this moment, Abner came over.

"Mr. Sam is still in a coma in the ICU." He reminded Jack gently and took a deep look at him.

In fact, he just wanted Jack to control his emotions.

Jack, who was in a fit of anger, calmed down immediately after receiving the message from Abner.

Although he was worried about his grandfather, he couldn't mess up his thoughts.

He must make William pay for what he did!

Wade finally remembered why he came to the hospital.

"How is your grandpa now?" He asked.

Jack sneered.

"Grandpa was so angry with someone's outrageous behavior that he fell to the ground by accident."

William knew that Jack was trying to imply him, but he couldn't admit it at such a critical moment.

So he immediately said, "make it clear to me! Why did grandpa fall! Don't sling mud at others for no reason! "

He was quite confident.

Amy just pinched William's arm to show his support.

Looking at this unrepentant man, Jack felt a chill in his heart.

Could he be so distorted just because of the position of heir?

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