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   Chapter 194 Fall

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If it was because of the competition with him, William would have no bottom line.

Jack would rather give up everything.

It would be better if William could give up contact with Azure.

However, it was impossible for Sam to agree.

The most suitable person in his mind was Jack, no one else.

Moreover, William's ability was not up to the standard. He couldn't manage the company well.

Even if it was not for his own interests or for the company's sake, Jack had to be the leader of the Ouyang Group.

"Jack, you can't give up! Only you can develop the company well. "

Sam said sincerely.

If Jack really gave up now, he really didn't know what else he could do.

Jack also knew that he just said it on impulse and couldn't really do it.

"Sorry to make you anxious." He said to Sam.

Sam sighed deeply.

Now the situation was getting out of control. He couldn't understand.

"Forget it. Anyway, you have to take good care of the company. " Sam said seriously.

'My body is getting weaker and weaker. I'm afraid I can't see the company develop as I want in the future, 'he thought.

Jack nodded silently.

After that, Jack returned home and sat on the sofa, lost in thought.

It seemed that the situation was a little complicated.

On the second day, he went back to work, but William had already seen Jack as an enemy.

If it weren't for him, how could he be scolded by Sam?

On the contrary, he even quickened the cooperation with Azure.

Azure looked at the Ouyang Group behind William and his eyes were filled with greed.

With such a large amount of assets, if all of them could be swallowed up, it would definitely be a great help to Azure' development.

Although the board of directors hadn't passed any plan yet, William had already set up a group to communicate and cooperate with Azure.

Of course, Abner knew these things.

"Mr. Sam, Master William asked has already introdu

way to save it.

"Master, it's my fault. I saw that Master William had gone too far. He even brought the people of Azure to the Ouyang Group. I was a little anxious, so I came to tell Mr. Sam about it. " He said guiltily.

"So Grandpa fell down because of what you said?"

Standing in the corridor of the hospital, Abner lowered his head and said, "yes, just as I finished my words, Mr. Sam was very angry and was about to stand up. Maybe he lost his balance and fell to the ground, unconscious. "

At the thought of that, Jack was shocked.

Grandpa fell to the ground for him and for the company!

Thinking of this, he began to resent William.

He didn't get so angry since William framed him last time.

Jack immediately picked up his phone and dialed William's number.

"William! Look at what you have done! Come to the hospital now! " Roared Jack.

Everyone in the corridor looked back at him.

However, Jack didn't care about their gazes at all.

William had just got the news that Jack left the company in a hurry.

He was sending people to inquire about the news, but before he got the news, he received a phone call from Jack, who was like a cannonball.

He didn't know what had happened.

He just felt that the phone call from Jack was inexplicable.

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