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   Chapter 192 Utilizing

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William scornfully watched Jack walking out of his office.

The top priority now was to find out where the loophole was which let Jack know what he was doing.

He immediately called his secretary and arranged for him to carefully investigate if Jack had arranged someone overseas to investigate his work.

The secretary went to work right away.

William held his chin and thought about the conversation.

It came to his mind that he had the support from Azure's company, William was confident that he could win the competition against Jack.

By that time, the Ouyang clan would be fully under his control.

If he still kept cooperation with Azure at that time, Jack would definitely lose in a humiliating way.

Thinking of this, William was finally cheered up.

On the other side, Jack went back to his office angrily.

William should turn a blind eye to the Ouyang clan.

If anything went wrong, who would be responsible for the consequence?

He had to stop him from such a self-destructing behavior.

"Boss, how is William?" Beck stood up and asked when he saw Jack.

"He is crazy." said Jack in a low voice.

Beck nodded slightly. In fact, he had expected this before.

In fact, it was not difficult to predict the result.

When he got home in the evening, Jack looked at Emma. He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

His expression was totally ignored by Emma.

She hated Jack very much now.

She had been completely brainwashed by William's words. She thought that Jack was really a person with bad moral quality.

Looking at Emma's attitude, Jack thought himself ridiculous.

Emma was not even aware of the coming danger, but Jack was so worried for her. He wished that his anxiety would really bring some benefits for her.

Anyway, he would protect her until the end of his life. He wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

Thinking of this, Jack went back to his room to have a rest.

Meanwhile, Azure was busy recently.

After all, another company had taken the bait.

It was so famous for its previous business achievements and goodwill.

The Ouyang clan was quite


Because some people thought William's proposal was very attractive

as it could bring so much profit.

Compared with William's plan, the plan Jack had proposed was too conservative and the profit it would brought was less that William's as well.

After all, profits were the most important thing in a company.

Besides, there was no evidence to prove that Azure was that horrible.

Now it was the time for the two to compete, and no one could tell which one was right.

Although it was just an internal meeting, Abner still got the news about it.

After all, he had his own channel to get information.

And he knew the importance of the matter.

As soon as he heard the name of Azure, he knew that this matter must be reported to Sam.

"Master, at the company's regular meeting today, young master claimed that he was cooperate with Azure,"

he came to Sam and reported what he had seen and heard today.

As soon as Sam heard the name of Azure, he immediately opened his eyes.

"Azure? !"

he asked in disbelief.


Abner replied affirmatively.

"How could this be? The development direction of the Ouyang clan has never included this!" Sam said excitedly.

"According to Jack, I'm afraid that William would do anything to win the position of the heir."

Sam felt terrible after hearing that.

Did the Ouyang clan, which was set up by him, have to be destroyed like this?

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