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   Chapter 190 See The Situation Clearly

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He was confused and wanted to say hello to Emma.

But she left quickly as if she didn't see him. .

After returning to her office, Emma felt a little sorry for her mood swing today.

Why did she suddenly feel sorry for Jack?

She didn't like what he had done before, but she felt sorry for him because of what he had suffered in the past two days.

After hearing William's words, she just felt that she was too stupid to be easily fooled by the appearance.

When Jack returned to his office, he looked at his desk and sighed.

He finally returned to the place he was familiar with.

Maybe it was because the cleaning lady had cleaned it carefully. Although he hadn't been to the company for a week, it was still so clean.

Beck also pushed the door open.

He had contributed a lot to the return of Jack.

"How is the company going?" Asked Jack.

According to his budget, perhaps within just a week, William had already made a lot of small moves. His previous plan should have been almost disrupted.

But Beck's answer surprised him.

"Boss, there is nothing wrong with our work. We are still working normally."

Jack looked at him in surprise.

"How could this be?"

"Boss, thanks to Abner. He has been working for you all the time. Basically, he can share a lot of things for you when you are not here."

It was not until then that Jack realized that his grandfather, Sam, really cared about him and sent such a reliable person to help him.

Thinking of this, he became more determined to help Sam do all these things.

In the evening, he specially called Emma and asked her to go home with him.

But he was immediately refused.

"What if something happens to you when you go back alone?" Asked Jack.

However, Emma insisted on going home by herself and immediately hung up the phone.

When Emma came back, Jack asked, "what's wrong with you?"

After what had happened, he didn't blame Emma.

Obviously, Emma knew nothing.

It wa

ter?" Jack asked immediately.

It must not be a trifle to make Beck so serious.

"Our people abroad found that William has some contact with a foreign company."

Speaking of overseas.

This was what Jack promised Sam at that time.

He wanted to develop the Ouyang Group into an international enterprise.

Therefore, even though he couldn't deal with the company's situation, he still insisted on exploring the overseas market.

But he didn't expect to have such a result.

"Which company?"

"Boss, you must have heard of it. Her name is Azure. "

Beck replied.

As soon as Jack heard the name of Azure, he knew why Beck valued it so much.

Everyone in this industry knew what a notorious company it was, but it had a glorious history.

He had been in various industries overseas.

But in fact, his development could be traced back to the history of some gangs.

Many companies kept a distance from Azure for fear of getting into any trouble.

But now William had something to do with this company?

Jack felt that things had become a little troublesome.

This was no longer the competition between him and William for the heir.

If the Ouyang Group got involved with Azure, there might be some unexpected trouble.

Now, Jack was very worried about the future of the Ouyang Group.

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