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   Chapter 189 Quibble

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William's expression was so sincere that Emma doubted if she had wronged him.

"But... You used my phone that day." Emma said hesitantly.

William knew that he had acted too much that day, which made Emma a little suspicious.

But there was something that could not be admitted.

Besides, Emma had no evidence to prove that he had used her phone.

"I gave it back to you soon that day." William said in a low voice.

Emma was a little softhearted.

But she thought of another doubt.

Emma didn't want to beat around the bush.

She asked directly, "Does what happened to Jack have anything to do with you?"

William was a little surprised at Emma's straightforwardness.

"Is that what you think of me?" He asked.

Emma looked at him.

"I just want to hear your answer." She said firmly.

"No." William answered immediately.

And he even looked directly at Emma.

Emma had nothing to say. Since William had said so, there seemed to be no reason to ask him.

William had been a little angry, and now Jack was about to make a comeback.

And some companies that supported Jack were playing tricks on his projects.

Seeing that Emma was still asking him about Jack, William was very unhappy.

When did Jack get close to Emma again?

Emma was about to leave for her office when William stopped her.

"Emma, how do you feel about your life now?" He asked.

Emma was touched. She buried herself in work.

But no one cared about her.

Let alone Jack. He didn't care about what she did every day.

"I'm fine." Emma replied affirmatively.

"How did Jack do to you?" He continued to ask.

Emma didn't know how to answer.

The relationship between her and Jack was very complicated. They were a couple, but they were not like a couple at all.

How did he do to her?

This was a difficult problem.

Emma couldn't help recalling the time when J

ow could he play tricks on him like this.

Although it was for the inheritance right of the Ouyang Group, it was too unscrupulous.

In fact, this method was very common in business, but Emma was not used to it.

In the eyes of Jack, these were all normal methods.

William also knew that she was not as capable as him.

But he knew that Emma had just come to work and didn't know much about this kind of fight, so he could say it casually.

He nodded with an unhappy expression.

As expected, Emma took his words seriously. She thought that Jack was really a despicable person.

In this way, Emma, who came to question William, changed her mind after hearing his words.

She began to dislike Jack again.

Seeing that his words worked, William smiled faintly, not letting Emma see it.

Emma was so gullible.

Now that he had achieved his goal, he stopped dragging Emma.

Emma said she wanted to go back to her office, but he didn't ask her to stay.

Coincidentally, Jack came to the company and saw Emma come out of William's office.

Looking at Jack, Emma thought about what William said just now and didn't say anything about the arrival of Jack.

Jack kept looking at Emma, only to find that Emma didn't look at him at all.

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