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   Chapter 188 Overthrow

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Now that he knew that Emma was also kept in the dark, he could not help but feel lucky that he had not been very bad to her before.

Because he had sensed something wrong at that time.

"That's all I know." The woman said pitifully.

Beck wanted to let her go and give her some money to leave by herself.

Jack asked again, "Can you promise that what you just said is true?"

The woman just wanted to leave here as soon as possible. She nodded and said, "of course it's true!"

Jack nodded.

Beck understood and let her go.

After she left, Beck unfolded his hand and saw a mini recorder. It kept flashing red lights.

It seemed that everything that the woman said just now had been recorded honestly.

Jack nodded with satisfaction.

The woman walked very fast. She was so scared that she just wanted to leave here.

A woman walked towards her.

On the way back home, Emma saw a woman in a hurry walking towards her.

It seemed that she was sneaky.

When the woman saw Emma, she tremble and wanted to say something, but she left immediately.

She didn't understand why William came to her until now.

Why did Jack feel relieved when she saw her face in a coma again.

It was all because of this woman!

She must be the woman who was unconscious and lying next door.

She felt a little aggrieved, but she didn't dare to stay any longer. Instead, she sped up and left.

Emma walked forward slowly, thinking of the woman she had just seen.

But the door of the villa was open.

Standing outside the door, Jack said to a man.

It was Beck.

Although she was not familiar with him, she still greeted him.

The two stopped talking as soon as they saw her.

With a strange expression on her face, Jack turned to Beck and said, "you can go back first."

Beck left obediently.

There were only two people outside, Jack and Emma.

"Come in."

Emma followed him in.

The dinner was ready on the table. It was so hot that she felt warm.

Jack didn't explain more about the evidence he got today.

e was very dedicated.

Emma had been paying attention to the current situation. Of course, she knew that Jack had turned over.

She felt a little relieved.

She had been feeling guilty and thought that she must have been involved.

Should she ask William why he set them up?

At this moment, William was in a mess.

Recently, all his projects were attacked one by one, and he couldn't hold on any longer. He only felt that his energy was not enough.

And he had no energy to think about Emma.

Moreover, according to the information he got, Jack had submitted an application for reinstatement to the board of directors.

William panicked.

It seemed that all his efforts had returned to the starting point?

At this moment, Emma came to his office.

She sat straight inside and said to William, "William, you owe me an explanation."

William racked his brains to think about what he should say to comfort Emma.

But now he could only pretend to be innocent.

"What did you say?" He asked in confusion.

Emma replied, "Have you sent a message to Jack with my phone?"

William said with a confused look, "how could it be possible? Your phone has always been with you. How can I get it?"

Then his expression changed again.

"What are you suspecting? !" His tone was a little angry.

Looking at him, Emma was a little uncertain.

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