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   Chapter 186 The Truth

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Sitting at the table, Jack answered indifferently, "it's me."

Lowering her head, Emma slowly walked over to have dinner.

She didn't know what identity she was to ask.

In fact, she still didn't know how to face Jack.

So she had to lower her heads to eat, and the two of them were silent.

Jack didn't seem to be worried, although the Internet had cursed him thoroughly.

People in the company were whispering.

However, Jack didn't seem to be affected at all. He just did what he should do.

On the second day, Emma went to work with mixed feelings.

Jack had to stay at home. After all, he had been suspended.

The employees of the company could notice the changes in the past two days.

Everyone was careful about what they said and what they did to avoid making mistakes.

As for Beck, since Jack had been suspended, as the Secretary of Jack, he could only temporarily suspend his work.

In fact, it was good. He could also spare time and energy to find out the truth for Jack.

Most importantly, he couldn't find that woman anyway.

And she could be said to be the key figure of this incident.

Fortunately, the popularity on the Internet had slowly dropped.

After all, so many things happened every day, and the netizens were forgetful. New things could soon attract their attention.

Jack's name gradually disappeared from the public view.

But Beck and others were still working hard.

Wade had been furious since he knew the news.

One day, he finally came to Jack's house.

At that time, Jack was reading a book in boredom.

To be honest, Jack had been working in the company and had never been free.

Thanks to the scandal, he had time to read.

Wade broke the silence.

"Look at what you have done!" Wade scolded as soon as he came in.

Amy followed, looking distressed.

Jack looked coldly at the two people performing here.

"Don't you know how much

never happened before.

Emma felt that the relationship between them was very strange now.

They didn't look like each other's enemy at all.

I f they were strangers, they would have dinner together, although Jack didn't talk much.

Since the incident, Jack seemed to be a little frustrated and kept silent every day.

It seemed that he didn't take the company's dismissal as a punishment, but just took a vacation.

In his current position, of course he didn't care about the salary. After all, the assets he had now could make him live a good life.

But the relationship between the two was not close now.

But now, Emma liked this relationship more.

In the past, when she just lost her memory, Jack always showed his kindness to her faintly, but she was not used to it at all.

Now that Jack was normal, she felt much better to get along with him.

However, the two of them still didn't know what to say.

Now, Jack was waiting quietly for the day to turn over.

After this time, he happened to see some of his partners.

As soon as those people saw that the matter broke out, they immediately cancelled their cooperation with him.

It could be said that they had given up Jack.

However, there were still some companies that hadn't given up.

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