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Jack's subordinates had gathered in Jack's house.

Everyone was worried, except for Jack who looked calm as if he was not involved in the trouble.

"Boss, should we respond now?"

Jack shook his head.

"This is not the best way. The public are willing to believe what they want to believe. No matter how to explain, it will only be more and more offensive."

No one spoke.

The current situation was indeed difficult to deal with.

"I know who wants to set me up." Said Jack coldly.

After this incident, the person who would benefit the most must be William.

And now the punishment notice of the company had been issued.

Now the company was dominated by William.

It was hard to escape from such news.

"Now, let's control the public opinion on the Internet first. It's better to make the heat drop and people slowly forget it."

Beck nodded and asked his men to do it.

"But boss, what about the newspapers?" Beck asked.

It was indeed a communication channel.

The main audience on the Internet were young people. They had much free time and were easily addicted to these gossips.

Therefore, the discussion on the Internet was getting more and more intense.

Newspapers were generally accepted by the elderly.

It could be said that William had basically cut off Jack's route of retreat.

Now everyone in the country knew about his scandal, no matter how old they were.

Thinking of this, Jack felt William vicious.

This move could be said to be quite vicious.

William didn't spend too much resources to ruin Jack's personal image.

However, the personal image of Jack was related to the company.

Therefore, in order to protect the company, the company would definitely abandon him immediately.

There was no doubt about that.

"And find out who that woman is. She must know what happened that night. "

That was exactly what Jack was afraid of responding.

If he answered witho

o her that William borrowed her phone at noon that day.

She hadn't sent that message to Jack, so it must be someone else who sent it.

This person could only be William, who had touched her phone that day.

Emma felt a chill.

She looked unbelievable.

Looking at her expression, Jack knew that she had remembered.

"Do you remember?" His tone was full of sarcasm.

Emma didn't say anything, and she didn't say it was William.

After all, she didn't have any evidence.

And it was hard for her to believe that all this had something to do with William.

However, Jack had been disheartened.

William's plan this time was not very brilliant. It was just his carelessness.

If it weren't for Emma, he wouldn't have let his guard down so easily.

Emma stood blankly in front of him, as if she had been hit hard.

The nanny had just prepared the dinner.

In the past, when Jack came back home, the nanny had already prepared the dishes.

Emma had missed the dinner when she came back.

Today, Jack asked the nanny to be a little late.

In order to have dinner with Emma when she came back.

"Let's go to have dinner first." Jack said emotionlessly.

Emma stood still.

Jack went to the table first.

Emma said.

"Is it really you in the photo, Jack?"

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