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   Chapter 181 Get Drunk

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6799

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Jack had already drunk that glass of water!

Sure enough, only in front of Emma, he was the most relaxed.

It was also the best way to let his guard down.

William folded his arms and watched the video leisurely.

He was waiting for what he had been looking forward to.

As long as he fell down.

Nothing could stop him, William!

Jack and Emma sat opposite each other at the table.

The atmosphere was a little strange.

Jack had thought that Emma asked him out to have a talk today in order to clear up the misunderstanding a few days ago.

But it seemed that Emma didn't intend to speak with her head down.

In fact, Emma was thinking about how things would turn out like this.

And what about William?

Didn't he go to the bathroom?

Why hasn't he come back yet.

Emma slowly took out her phone from her handbag and wanted to call William.

She dialed the number, but no one answered.

On the other side, Jack began to talk.

He wanted to make the atmosphere a little more lively.

Emma answered absent-mindedly because she was worried about William.

In the monitoring room, William took out his phone, but it didn't answer no matter how it vibrated.

He waited for the moment when Jack fell down.

"Emma, how did you book this seat?" Jack opened the topic, and he was really curious.

Emma was confused.

Who on earth sent a message to Jack? Why did he know that he had dinner here today?

What's more, William hasn't come back yet. Did something bad happen to him?

Thinking of Jack in front of her, Emma couldn't help but wonder if Jack had stopped William from entering.

She didn't suspect William at all.

After all, William had always been too good in front of her.

She would never think of William first when something bad happened.

On the contrary, it was Jack, who always gave her a bad feeling.

Jack was troubled by the fact that he couldn't communicate with Emma fluently.

But he suddenly felt a little dizzy.

"Emma, I'm not feeling well." He couldn't

ough. The following scenes were the key to determine success or failure.

"Take her to room 520." William ordered.

The subordinate nodded and led the woman out.

When he opened the door, he could see that Jack was lying on the bed quietly.

A group of people followed in.

They all had a camera in their hands.

The subordinate said to the woman, "you don't need me to tell you what you are going to do next, do you?"

The woman nodded and smiled, "of course, this is my specialty!"

The group stopped talking.

The woman peeled off her clothes slowly and climbed onto the bed.

At this moment, Jack had some consciousness, knowing that someone was approaching her.

He didn't want her to get close to him.

"Jack..." the woman called his name softly.

It was Emma's voice.

The people around them were a little nervous and took photos carefully.

They tried their best to avoid taking a picture of the woman's face, but showed Jack's whole face.

And this time, they wouldn't really do it. They just took a few pictures casually.

On the other side, Jack was a little hesitant when he heard the voice. From her blurry face, he could tell that it was Emma.

He didn't resist.

With this woman's initiative, Jack seemed to be unable to stand such flirtation.

He also slowly relaxed his body and cooperated with her.

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