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   Chapter 179 Flattery

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At this time, the company's projects came one after another.

They would see how Jack and William distinguish the good from the bad according to their good judgment to strengthen their own combat effectiveness.

Some companies were eager to take actions when they saw the battle between the two inheritors.

There was no doubt about the position of the Ouyang Group in the country. If they could choose a right team when the two inheritors competed for power, it would be a good choice.

Everyone was making a deliberate choice.

Some relatively powerful enterprises attached great importance to Jack at the first sight.

Because of the outstanding working ability of Jack.

In comparison, William was much inferior.

They all preferred Jack.

So some companies began to look for Jack to talk about the cooperation.

Jack asked Beck to do everything.

"Mr. Beck, we really want to cooperate with Mr. Jack. We have sincerity."

A boss said.

Beck talked to him politely.

Recently, William kept making actions. In fact, Jack could also deal with them. But if he could have some other help, it might be easier.

"Thank you for your appreciation for our company. But do you have any other requirements?" Beck asked.

These people wouldn't come here for no reason.

There were only interests between companies. They must have seen some benefits.

The man laughed brightly, "Mr. Beck, don't worry. We won't go too far. Now the whole industry was watching the wind and waiting to support which side. What about me? I prefer your boss, Jack. What do you think? "

Beck nodded and knew what he meant.

There were several groups of people like them, and most of them were sincere.

Thinking of the situation of Jack, Beck also carefully selected some to establish the real alliance relationship.

It could be said that Jack had gathered another group of strength.

William got angry again when he knew that.

Were they blind? Why did they all turn to Jack!

Didn't they

After that, William returned the phone to Emma as if nothing had happened.

Then he said as if nothing had happened, "It's ok."

Emma didn't check if William phone number changed.

In fact, very few people remembered the phone number on purpose.

Some people couldn't even remember their own, let alone others'.

So Emma didn't notice that William's number didn't change at all.

There was no change in the number.

At this time, Jack had received a message from Emma.

He was a little surprised that Emma would take the initiative to talk to him.

So he immediately replied, "okay."

Seeing the message from Jack, Emma didn't think too much. She thought it was Jack who sent it wrong.

William had arranged everything in secret, waiting for Jack to take the bait.

In the evening, before getting off work, Jack was about to pick up Emma to the restaurant, but he was told that she had left.

Jack didn't think too much. He thought she just didn't want to take his car and took the subway.

In fact, the truth was that William had stopped Emma in advance and invited her to red egret restaurant for dinner.

Without any doubt, Emma went there.

She thought William just wanted to say something like last time.

She didn't realize that it was actually a conspiracy.

A plot that almost ruined Jack.

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