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   Chapter 178 Join Hands

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6537

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And this time, it was obvious that William was plotting against Emma.

He didn't know what William would do if he didn't fix it as soon as possible.

At last, Jack understood that Emma was too simple to trust William's words unconditionally.

William took advantage of this.

For example, now, Emma stood in front of him and begged him to stop.

Is William sure that he won't do something to Emma?

He had to admit that he knew what William was thinking.

Looking at Emma in front of him, Jack couldn't bear to continue the blow.

"Beck, you can arrange those people to do less and leave some room for them."

He turned to Beck and said.

Hearing that, Emma was overjoyed.

It seemed that her visit today was not in vain.

She looked relaxed.

But Jack said sincerely, "Emma, you can't always rely on my privileges."

Emma's face froze. Indeed, it was her who came to plead with Jack today.

Somehow, she just felt that no matter what request she made in front of Jack, he would do it.

For example, now, it could be said that it had saved William's brand.

At this time, William was nervously checking the data in the office, and found that it was slowly rising again.

It seemed that Emma was really a good card.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be useful.

William smiled.

He thought of the many uses of Emma in the future.

Having grasped Emma, he had already grasped the Achilles' heel of Jack.

It seemed that Jack would never be able to challenge him again.

William took advantage of this opportunity to ask for more publicity.

Almost all the customers could feel the struggle between the two.

The two brands were fighting again.

But the difference was that Jack seemed to have the upper hand.

William didn't dare to be nosy. If he didn't complete any step and was caught by Jack, he might be attacked by him again.

But after this battle, William had found the use of Emma.

He didn't know how Em

hing by himself.

Did everyone have to obey his orders?

Thinking of this, she felt uncomfortable.

But yesterday, Jack looked different from usual when he was drunk.

At that time, Jack was obviously more obedient.

On the second day, the two of them went to work together.

William felt strange when he saw that the two of them went in and out at the same time these two days.

What he feared most now was that Emma would stand on the side of Jack.

In that case, he would lose a useful card.

He didn't win the second battle, nor did he gain any good benefit.

William was very unsatisfied. He was already planning the third round.

Anyway, Jack was a thorn in his flesh.

He would try his best to get rid of Jack.

During the recent confrontation, everyone could clearly feel that Jack's ability could not be underestimated.

He could always get out of danger at critical moments.

Thinking of the statement made by Sam, in order to get the identity of the heir, he had to speed up as soon as possible.

Otherwise, he would definitely lose in the future.

With this thought, William went all out.

His subordinates also suffered a lot, because they often had to work overtime for William's ideas.

But William didn't notice it at all. He still acted on his own.

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