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   Chapter 122 Secret Support

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Wade nodded and listened carefully.

Jack was happy to hear that.

"Anyway, he was very eye-catching at that time." Emma commented.

It was the first time that Jack had heard a positive comment from Emma.

Thinking of what she used to call him.

Irritable? Manic?

She was totally different from what she was now.

Emma didn't know what was on Jack's mind, so she continued to talk to Sam.

"Then why did you decide to get married?" Sam asked.

This question was difficult for the two of them to answer. The reason why they got married was not so glorious.

Emma bit her lips and said.

"In fact, it was Jack's father's decision."

After getting married for so long, Emma still didn't feel at ease at this home. So she didn't call Wade dad.

Wade didn't correct Emma, nor did he take her seriously.

Amy never asked Emma to call her. It seemed that neither of the two treated Jack as their real son.

At this moment, Emma suddenly felt a little sorry for Jack.

Although grandpa and maternal grandfather both took good care of him, his parents were always absent.

It was a lifelong regret.

She could understand why Jack was so bad tempered.

Sam was surprised to hear that.

Emma pursed her lips and continued.

"It was me who caused Jack's serious injury."

After saying that, Emma waited for Wade's scolding, but Wade didn't say anything.

"At that time, in order to save me, he delayed his escape. Because of this, I have always been very guilty, and when I heard his injury in the hospital, I can't accept it. I have made up my mind that I will take care of him for the rest of my life. "

It was the first time for Jack to hear Emma speak out her true thoughts, and he was listening carefully.

"But at that time, Jack's father came to ask me to marry Jack."

"Before that, I haven't thought about getting married. After all, it's a life event."

"But because of guilt, I agreed. I take all this

He's just my man. "

"Now I'll send him to you and ask him to help you."

Jack could only listen to him silently. His grandfather always had his own plan. Grandfather didn't let him directly take that position, which left some room for him.

"He knows everything William has done in the company these days. I won't let him help you fight against William. "

"He can only provide information."

Jack nodded, so that he could accept it.

"Because I think the gap between you and William is only information. You did miss a lot of things in the company after resting for so long. "

"But I believe in your ability more."

Sam said affirmatively.

Emma could tell that the old man had great expectation for Jack.

Jack said in a low voice, "Grandpa, don't worry. I won't let you down."

Sam was satisfied.

What he wanted was his grandson's promise.

"Kris, give Abner a call." Sam ordered.

Kris immediately took action.

The phone was quickly connected.

Abner, who was mentioned by Sam, agreed without hesitation.

Emma just witnessed a silent fight in the company.

And she really felt that Sam was showed partiality for Sam.

It was already eleven o'clock in the evening.

Sam was getting old, and his energy was gradually exhausted, which was obvious to Jack.

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