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   Chapter 119 Praise

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6536

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What's more, another thing also happened which changed Jack's mood.

Yesterday, he went to his study for reading. When he opened the drawer, he found a transparent file bag.

The marks left on the bag showed that it had been in the drawer for a long time.

Jack remembered that he had never put such a thing here. He picked it up in confusion.

He opened it and saw a bunch of keys and a card.

What's this?

There were also some written pledges.

Jack looked at it in details and felt shocked in his heart.

It was a gift from Wade to Emma!

It seemed that Wade had given these to Emma in order to force her to marry Jack.

Jack felt extremely angry when he realized it.

It turned out that this woman married him just for his wealth!

But a minute later, he seemed to understand something.

Why was the bag in his drawer?

Only he and Emma have the key to the study. No one else could come in.

He gave her the key to make it more convenient for her to read books.

It was obvious that the bag was put there by Emma.

It seemed that it had been put there for a long time. What did Emma mean?

At this time, Jack did not know that these cards and keys had been replaced by Amy. So that they were already become insignificant.

It was even impossible for Emma to know the affair.

Holding the key and card, he muttered, "What do you mean?"

Only then did Jack realize that Emma had never used his money.

During tonight's banquet, Jack went to meet Wade specially.

He brought the card and key with him today.

"Take all your things back." Jack threw the key and card in front of Wade.

Wade looked at Jack in astonishment, not knowing what he meant.

"I don't need a bought woman to be my wife." said Jack coldly.

In fact, he had already wanted Emma to be his real wife at this time.

If he wanted to make Emma his wife, he had to clear everything before.

The first step was to repay Wade's debt.

old man's sincere words hit Emma's heart.

He was indeed an old man who cared about his grandson wholeheartedly.

"Grandpa, don't worry. I will always care for Jack. This is what I do."

Sam was finally relieved.

Jack was pleased to hear that as well.

Meanwhile, the phone call made by Kris under the command of Sam had already been known by William.

William was walking to the parking lot at the moment, trying to find Michael to discuss the details later.

But he suddenly received a phone call from an informant he had arranged in the company.

The content of the phone made him lose his sense.

"Boss, bad news! I just received a notice from the superior that there might be some big changes in the group recently! "

William was shocked and asked what had happened.

"I've heard that Sam wants to reinstate Wade to the original position. If so, your position is going to be demoted, your fellow people will also be suppressed."

The news was like a bomb exploding in his heart.

In the darkness, William, who was holding his phone, felt cold in his heart.

Did he really have to be so ruthless?

Sam didn't even think about leaving him a way out?

William finally realized why Jack went back in a hurry.

How could Sam be so unfair to take everything from him?!

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