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   Chapter 118 Tip-Off

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Seeing that Sam turned his attention to her, Emma was so shocked that she didn't know what to do.

Thinking that the matter in front of him was more important, Sam didn't pay attention to Emma first.

Emma breathed a sigh of relief.

She really didn't know how to face this old man. His wise eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.

Although she didn't have any other thoughts, she didn't dare to look into his eyes.

She felt as if she had nowhere to hide.

Jack patted Emma on the back to comfort her. He knew that his grandfather had always been like this.

Sam continued.

"In the eyes of ordinary people, William is probably a sensible man. I used to think so."

"In many aspects, he is indecisive and difficult to make a decision, so I have been worried about handing over the Ouyang group to him."

Jack listened quietly without saying anything.

"I thought he was just incompetent, but recently I often find that sometimes he has the same thoughts as his mother."

"I just came back and saw him deliberately making things difficult for a waiter!"

Emma's eyes widened. She had never associated William with that kind of person.

She was surprised to hear that.

But it couldn't be false from Sam's words. Emma slowly digested what Sam said.

Sam seemed to be a little surprised, but soon understood it.

"What do you mean, Grandpa?"

Jack asked. In fact, he had already guessed what Sam meant.

"I want you to go back to your previous position."

Jack was not surprised at all. According to his grandfather's words, it was probably the case.

"But Grandpa, you have just announced at the banquet that you won't be busy with choosing the heir. If you do so, aren't you hinting something else?"

Sam didn't say anything. This was indeed a problem.

He had clearly declared that he wouldn't be in a hurry to determine the successor. If he suddenly brought William back to his original state and helped Jack to return to his

efinitely make the Ouyang group more improved.

Emma stood aside and witnessed the personnel change of the Ouyang group.

After tonight's small discussion, William obviously lost more things.

After discussing the most important thing, Sam finally had time to pay attention to other things.

For example, Emma.

"How are you and Emma?" He asked with concern.

Emma was surprised that Sam knew her name.

After all, at the beginning of their marriage, few people knew that she had married Jack. Moreover, it was arranged by Wade.

She thought few people knew her existence.

"Not bad," replied Jack in a low voice

Sam said, blinking his eyes. An old man was not slow to make such a detailed expression.

Emma felt that Sam was like an old naughty boy at the moment, which was totally different from his previous serious look.

"Really? I heard that you resisted this marriage before. " He asked.

Jack didn't say anything. He did resist Emma before, thinking that Emma married him for money and power. But after so long, he seemed to finally see through what she was thinking. She had never thought of getting anything from him.

He used to give her the card as living expenses, but he never received any message that she spent any money. It could be said that Emma had never used his money.

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