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   Chapter 117 A Talk

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After a few steps following Emma, William was about to arrive at the parking lot.

The phone suddenly rang.

Hearing the ring, Emma stopped.

Jack didn't answer the phone.

"Jack, answer the phone." Said Emma.

Jack thought it was the driver's call, so he took it out slowly.

It was Sam.

Jack became serious and didn't lean against Emma.

Emma watched the man who was unable to walk because of the pain in his foot a second ago stand up the next second.

Emma looked at him in surprise. When she was about to question him, Jack pointed at her to stop her.

"Hello, Grandpa." He lowered his head and said.

"Jack, are you home?" Sam asked on the phone.

"Not yet." Jack also wondered why Sam called at this time.

"Hasn't grandpa gone to bed yet?" He looked at his watch and found that it was already ten o'clock.

Emma stood aside and waited quietly.

"Come back to the hotel now. I have something to discuss with you."

Jack said with a frown. He thought something must have happened. Otherwise, Sam wouldn't have called him so late.

"Okay, I'll be right there." After saying that, Jack hung up the phone.

Emma looked at him in confusion.

"Grandpa asked me to go there. We have something to discuss."

"What's the matter?"

"I don't know. He didn't tell me on the phone. It should be very important." Jack turned around and walked back with Emma.

William followed them from a distance. Seeing that Jack walked back suddenly after answering a phone call, he was so scared that he hid himself immediately.

Emma followed and looked at Jack's fast walking legs.

"Jack, didn't you hurt yourself just now?" Emma asked maliciously.

Now it seemed that he was just pretending.

Jack paused and continued to walk forward.

"But when you help me up, my body seems to be full of strength." He said gently, wh

k your place."

Jack nodded without saying anything. He knew that he had no choice at that time. After all, his situation was so critical at that time, and the company couldn't lack a person in charge.

Naturally, his position would be replaced. As a member of the Ouyang family, it was natural for William to become the new CEO.

That was why so many people didn't think highly of him at once.

After all, his position was not as high as William's.

But what did grandpa mean by saying that now?

"Grandpa, I didn't think of anything else. It was the best for the company." Said Jack.

Sam sighed.

"Of course I know. That's why I know you are different from William."

Jack didn't answer. He and William were competitors in front of Sam. Whatever he said would have other meanings, so he simply didn't say it.

Sam put his crutch aside and his hands on his knees. He continued, "that child has been destroyed."

Emma was a little surprised. As William's grandfather, how could he say that about his child?

Sam seemed to see the surprise of Emma.

"What? Do you think it's strange?"

Emma shook her head immediately.

Looking at Emma in front of him, Sam remembered that he hadn't officially met her yet.

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