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   Chapter 113 Let It Out

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The waiter was cleaning a bottle of drinks.

William deliberately kicked the bottle far away.

The waiter looked up at William in astonishment, not daring to speak.

"What are you looking at?" William said with a ferocious expression. He was spreading all the malice in his heart.

The waiter didn't dare to offend these distinguished people, so he trotted to sweep the bottle aside.

William felt much better when he saw him running around hastily.

Only in this way could he forget that he had just been humiliated by Jack.

He walked slowly to the waiter, and there were several glasses on the table.

The waiter saw him coming over and quickly kept a distance from him, afraid of provoking him.

William smiled, which almost made the waiter think that things happened one minute ago was just an illusion. Maybe he kicked the bottle by accident.

The next second, the waiter realized that he was wrong.

William slowly pushed the glasses one by one down the table with his hand, and the clear noise rang in the hall.

The waiter was stunned and didn't know why he did that.

William's smile widened with malice.

The other waiters in the hall didn't dare to interfere, so they could only watch from afar.

"What? What do you want to say?" William asked maliciously.

The waiter shook his head and bent down to pick up the fragments.

William looked down at the waiter with bitter eyes.

Sam happened to come in and saw this scene.

His eyes were full of astonishment.

"William! What are you doing?" he shouted loudly with his crutch. His voice was full of momentum.

He had come back with his secretary to get something, but didn't expect to see this scene.

He thought that William was just talking to the waiter, but the next second he saw him push the glasses off the table one by one.

Sam couldn't believe his eyes.

He couldn't believe that his grandson would be such a person. He remembered that the so-called gift he prepared at the previous birthday party was

uld be magnified infinitely in Sam's eyes.

Looking down at his watch, William found that it was getting more and more urgent. He had wasted too much time here.

He looked up at Sam, pretending to be pitiful.

"Grandpa, I didn't mean to do that. The waiter scolded me out of no reason. That's why I was so angry."

It was a pity that no one could tear his disguise since these waiters were off duty.

Sam didn't believe it at all.

"How dare a waiter scold you! Do you take me as a fool?" Sam was still very angry and didn't buy the words at all.

"Grandpa, anyway, It was all my fault just now." William said with sincere face.

Sam nodded with satisfaction.

William continued, "Grandpa, can I go to the hotel manager's office and make an apology?"

Sam stopped blaming him.

In his eyes, it is always a great virtue to correct what one has done wrong.

William looked at the watch on his wrist. Time was running away.

He must leave now.

"Grandpa, I'll go first. Be careful on the way."

after saying that, he bowed apologetically to Sam and slowly left the hall.

As soon as he walked out of the door, William quickened his pace.

He didn't forget the big plan tonight. He still remembered the attitude of Jack and Emma towards him. He wouldn't give up.

'I have to fight for myself, ' thought William.

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