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   Chapter 111 Little Boy's Hobby

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Emma slowly swam out of the pool, and she could stand out at the edge.

The clothes on her body were all stuck to her body, which was really embarrassing.

The female guests next to her were all pointing at Emma.

"Oh my God! Who is this woman? Why is she so silly? "

"Don't you know? I just heard that she is the newly married wife of Jack! "

"Jack is married? Why didn't he hold a wedding? "

Some of them didn't know what was going on.

The man next to her exaggerated, "look at this woman. She is so shameless. She even jumped down by yourself. Is she stupid?"

But the boy didn't look like from a rich family. What good could she get?

"How could such a stupid woman have the nerve to hold a wedding ceremony?"

The women stood aside and looked at Emma in the distance. They all covered their mouths and burst into laughter.

How could Jack like such a woman?

When Jack was about to go to Emma, the two strong men had already helped Emma up. They took the child and talked to Emma respectfully.

At this moment, Sam sent someone to look for Jack. Jack thought that the people who could come to the banquet should have been selected by his grandfather, and nothing serious would happen.

"Emma!" Jack called her.

Emma turned around and made a gesture of "OK" to reassure Jack.

Then, Jack walked to his grandfather.

Emma felt uncomfortable all over. The water in the pool was cold at night.

The little girl was held by the bodyguards and didn't say anything.

They went to the lounge. Emma found a room to change her clothes first.

Fortunately, every time at the banquet, Jack would prepare a spare set of clothes, which happened to come in handy today.

Wearing casual clothes, Emma felt very comfortable, no longer as restrained and uncomfortable as before.

When she walked out, she ran into the boy.

"Sister!" He jumped on Emma.

Emma squatted down and asked, "Why are you so careless?"

Although the two of them didn't know each other yet,


Amy's face darkened, not knowing whether she was happy or angry.

If Sam didn't announce it in a hurry, it meant that William still had a chance. But could he defeat Jack?

Even Amy began to doubt it.

William stood aside with a bitter look on his face.

She didn't know how long she had worked for today.

The suit he was wearing was also carefully prepared. He thought he could become the rightful heir, but who would have thought that he still failed.

Seeing his son's expression, Amy couldn't help but scold, "You must believe in yourself! How could my son fail? "

William didn't feel excited but more hopeless.

Hearing Sam's words, Wade breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as Jack didn't become the heir immediately, there would be a turning point for this matter.

He turned around and said, "it's not settled yet. Why are you so pessimistic?"

William forced a smile and said nothing.

On the other side, Jack acted as if he hadn't heard it.

There was no emotional fluctuation during the whole process.

However, the person sitting next to him had been secretly observing his expression.

Emma felt a little regretful and said in a low voice, "I thought it would be you today."

With a smile in his eyes, Jack didn't say anything.

He knew that Emma cared about him more than William.

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