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   Chapter 110 Falling Into The Water

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She didn't want to think of anything. Listening to the chirping of the insects around her, she saw the sky was full of twinkling stars.

It felt much better outside than inside. Even if there were not too many people around, her heart was free.

Jack quietly came to her side, and Emma looked at him.

"Why are you here?"

Jack's eyes were also very attractive. Emma felt that she saw the stars in the sky from them.

"I'm here to see your world."

"Jack, you are a little strange tonight." Emma whispered.

"What? Why is it strange? " Jack asked softly.

"You used to be so bad to me. I'm not used to you now."

"..." Jack didn't say anything.

He didn't know why he felt everything was fine tonight.

He was not as angry as he used to be even if Amy had played so many tricks.

On the contrary, he was happy to see that woman get angry.

Tonight, Emma gave him a very different feeling.

The biggest difference was that she didn't show any intimacy with William in front of him.

Did she really break up with William?

"You... and William... What happened?"

William asked after thinking for a while.

This time, it was Emma's turn to be silent.

"Let bygones be bygones, okay?" Emma asked.

Seeing that she didn't answer, Jack stopped asking.

She would never get an answer from someone who didn't want to answer.

A sigh sounded softly.

Jack returned to the hall.

Emma continued to sit here, but she felt a little sad.

Jack's legs had recovered. Did it mean that the day she would leave was coming?

But why do I feel a little reluctant to part with you?' Emma muttered to herself.

Was she addicted to being abused?

Thinking of the days when she was in Jack's villa, Jack was unreasonable.

She could have lived her own life and everything should be back on track, but Emma felt uncomfortable anyway.

Even the stars in the sky were not as bright as before.

Hearing a rustling sound, Emma thought it was just s

into it.

The water splashed and attracted the attention of the people around.

Some women began to scream.

"Someone fell into the water!"

But no one got into the water to save her.

The waiters were standing in the distance and didn't know what was going on.

Only Emma had been observing the boy's facial features. When he fell into the water, Emma stood up at once.

"Emma!" Shouted Jack.

Emma ignored Jack and ran forward in high heels. The pool was very close.

The child was struggling in the water. The water was not too deep, but it was enough to drown him.

His feet couldn't reach the bottom of the pool, and he was making a mess.

The hall was filled with children's cries for help.

The two strong adults who had been standing next to him were also rushing over.

But they was not as close as Emma. Emma quickly took off her high heels and plunged into the pool in her fitting dress.

Thanks to the PE class in the university, she was good at swimming. Holding the little boy in her arms, she tried her best to climb up.

In fact, the child had not been drowned too much, but probably because of fear, he was still waving his feet and arms and screaming.

His voice was full of fear.

"Don't be afraid!" Emma comforted him.

The boy calmed down at the sight of Emma.

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