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   Chapter 108 Villain

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6662

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Another woman's face appeared in the mirror.

Emma was so shocked that she even forgot to take back her lipstick.

The woman greeted Emma with a smile, as if no contradictions has ever existed between them.

"Why don't you know me?"

It was Beryl!

"You... Why are you here? What are you up to? !" Emma asked nervously.

It was not her fault to be nervous. The last time they met, they ended up with Amy pouring water on her face.

And after that, in order to take revenge on them, Jack even made their company go bankrupted.

She had gone bankrupt. Why was she here?

Beryl smiled.

"Why can't I stay here?"

Emma put the things into her bag. She didn't want to talk to this woman, so she turned around and wanted to leave.

"Emma, don't you want to see him?" Beryl said slowly with her blood red lips.

Her eyes became sharp and aggressive.

Looking at her face, Emma was really scared.

"Who are you talking about?"

"Michael, who has been driven into a corner by you!" Beryl said sarcastically.

Finally, there was no fake smile on her face.

"You have gone bankrupt. How could you still come to this party?" This was what confused Emma the most. Not everyone could attend Sam's birthday party. Those who could receive the invitations were all dignified people.

Michael's company had gone bankrupt, so it was impossible for him to get involved in this.

Beryl's face twisted in an instant, but soon recovered.

"What are you afraid of?" Beryl asked in a sharp tone as she saw the fear in Emma's eyes.

Emma stepped back slowly without answering.

Seeing that Beryl stood still, Emma quickly walked out of the bathroom without looking back.

She didn't see Beryl's eyes behind her. It contained the eager for the coming disaster. There was no pity, but an evil expectation.

Emma trotted back to Jack, but she still felt frightened.

Beryl was getting more and more terrifying.

Jack could feel that Emma was in a bad mood just now. But he d

always thought for him and worried about him.

This made him temporarily forget his previous hatred for Emma.

Emma shook her head.

She couldn't guess others without any evidence. If she said it so casually, the others would be hurt.

"I just feel a little uncomfortable when I see them and think of the past."

"Don't think too much. I'm here. They can't do anything against us." Jack said in a low and convincing voice.

Thinking of the ability of Jack, Emma slowly felt relieved.

At least, Jack promised that he would be able to deal with whatever happened. He could bear whatever happened.

Thinking of this, Emma felt relieved and gradually forgot Beryl and Michael.

Michael and Beryl slipped into the crowd as soon as they left.

Beryl's face was full of jealousy and hatred. Why could that woman marry such a good man?

He was just a cripple before, but now he could stand up. It was really a world full of unfairness.

Thinking of herself, Michael, who was standing next to her, had already gone bankrupt.

There was a special reason why the two of them could attend the banquet today.

At first, they didn't even have a decent dress, but they rented it. Now, even Beryl felt that the dress didn't fit her at all.

But that woman was flaunting in front of her in such an expensive dress.

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