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   Chapter 105 Praise

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Some people had already secretly observed Sam's expression and found that he was really satisfied at the moment.

Everyone guessed that Sam's favorite grandson must be Jack.

Just then, Sam stood up and wanted to say something.

"These jars of wine do contain a lot of feelings." His voice was full of memories.

Amy was delighted to see that there were only a few jars of wine from Jack.

Compared with the gift she prepared for William, Jack's gift was too shabby.

The CEO of the Ouyang group should have sent such a gift. Everyone would laugh to death.

However, Sam's attitude told her a bad feeling.

Sam said and sat down.

Those jars of wine were buried when Snow died, in order to distract the attention of the young Jack.

He didn't expect that after so many years, Jack still remembered, and he almost forgot.

Some people present still didn't believe that these jars of wine were so important, but judging from Sam's attitude, they didn't show any irony.

Instead, they began to praise him cleverly.

"No wonder he is the eldest grandson of the Ouyang family. It seems that he knows what is the most suitable for the elders!"

"Yes, if only my son knew what he should do!"

"That's right. I really envy Sam for having such a grandson."

Compliments were everywhere.

Then there were other people's gifts. Many of them were very precious, which could be said to have far exceeded the value of the gifts from Jack. however, Sam no longer showed that satisfied expression.

He didn't show much emotional fluctuation all the time.

Emma had been silently accompanying Jack. She found that she didn't need to worry about him at all. Jack could handle everything well by himself, and everyone admired him very much.

Although Sam was the main character today, with the arrival of Jack, the focus of the whole Party slowly shifted to him.

His every move was interpreted and judged by someone delib

seems that Jack can't come for a while. I didn't expect that people would react so strongly. "

Said Jack slowly.

"Everyone knows the character and ability of Jack, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Jack. He is really something!"

"Yes, I think his way of doing things is as graceful as you were in the past."

Sam and Colin were in a good mood. It was better than anything that Jack, who they had put a lot of effort on, could get such a praise.

"I think the reason why you haven't announced it yet is mostly because of him, right?" An old man asked.

This was indeed the real thought of Sam, but he did not want to answer it immediately.

Before it was officially announced, any kind of language would have a negative impact on his grandson, so it was better to be cautious.

At this time, Jack didn't know that the elders in the distance were talking about him. He was now in the center of a group of people.

Everyone was discussing seriously, and Emma insisted on standing next to him.

In fact, Emma didn't understand at all, but in order to support Jack's legs, she braced herself to stand here and support Jack.

She couldn't understand what the people around her were talking about.

Seeing her like this, Jack turned to her and said softly, "you can go to have a rest."

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