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   Chapter 101 Amazed Everyone

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Jack didn't talk much with the waiter.

Instead, he took out his phone and called Beck.

"Beck, here I am."

Hearing Jack's voice, Emma knew that he had found a solution, so she stopped talking to the waiter.

The two stood quietly at the door. Emma was worried that Jack's legs could not stand for a long time, while Jack wondered if Emma was uncomfortable to stand in high heels.

Several men in black walked towards them.

The waiter moved quietly and escaped slowly.

Jack sneered and didn't take them seriously.

It must be Amy who did it.

It seemed that she was really afraid of him.


The leading man in black saw Jack who was standing at the door. He shouted excitedly and walked quickly over.

Knowing that these people were the people around Grandpa, Jack nodded.

"Master, come on in! Mr. Sam can't stand people inside anymore! "

Jack became nervous. What happened?

Jack hurried in with Emma's help.

Regardless of the pain in his legs caused by the fast pace, Jack was only worried about what had happened to his grandfather.

Sam said slowly, "the heir of the Ouyang group can only be..."

Amy's eyes lit up, holding William's hands tightly, looking at Sam on the stage, waiting for the moment that she had been longing for.

William tried his best to control his expression, trying not to look too happy.

Wade had always been fond of his youngest son, so he was glad that he finally got through it.

But he didn't know why there was a noise behind him.

They didn't want to care what had happened. They just looked at Sam, eager to hear his answer.

However, Sam didn't say anything more. He just looked at something behind him with a relieved smile.

Amy felt something was wrong and turned around immediately, only to see the scene she didn't want to see.


He didn't sit on the wheelchair, but walked in with Emma hand in hand.

The peo

her mood. She took the initiative to smile and said to Jack, "we thought you wouldn't come. Your father has been waiting for you. I'm so happy to see you!"

Standing aside, William looked worse than crying.

Because of the arrival of Jack, everything was in vain.

No one could be happy.

Jack looked at William sarcastically.

"Thanks to you, I can get here." Jack said intentionally.

Amy's face turned stiff and continued to cover up the embarrassment of being exposed with a fake smile.

She looked at Emma and hated this woman.

She had asked her many times, but she didn't give her an accurate answer. Now, she was caught off guard.

What an ignorant woman!

Emma didn't know that she had been hated by Amy. She just didn't dare to look up at William.

William kept staring at her as if he was going to burn her through.

With a snort, Jack continued to walk forward with Emma.

He was going to Sam.

As for William's reaction, Jack didn't care at all.

Anyway, the Ouyang group and Emma William coveted were still in his hands.

How could William compete with him?

"You are awesome!"

Emma whispered to Jack. Only Jack, who was standing nearby, could hear her.

Although being praised, Jack kept walking forward with a straight face.

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