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   Chapter 87 Walking

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After one day's training, Jack could clearly feel that his body was overdraft.

When he lay on the bed at night, his muscles were still trembling.

When Emma came in, she saw the unhappy look on Jack's face.

It seemed that today's rehabilitation training was really too stimulating, and even Jack's body could not bear it.

In fact, Emma felt sorry for him, but she didn't forget to satirize Jack to encourage him to stick to it.

"You just can't stand it? Didn't you say that you were very powerful? " Standing aside, Emma didn't give him a massage. Instead, she said something sarcastic to irritate Jack.

Jack ignored her and gave her a cold look.

"Come and do what you should do." His tone was flat.

Knowing that it didn't work, Emma came over and began to massage.

Today's massage was more strenuous than before.

Jack's muscles kept nervous.

It took Emma a lot of effort to massage a piece of hard muscles, and then relaxed them little by little.

Soon, her forehead began to sweat.

Jack was not much better.

He endured the great pain and could not make any sound.

His face turned red.

Looking up at him, Emma asked worriedly, "how about I use less strength? Or it will really hurt. "

Emma was just trying to show her kindness, but Jack mistook her for underestimating him.

Jack held his breath. He couldn't let this woman look down upon him.

"I think you are too weak." He suppressed the pain and said.

Noticing that he was just pretending to be strong, Emma massaged harder.

While massaging, she looked at the expression on Jack's face.

Sure enough, Jack could hardly bear the pain. Looking at his expression, Emma felt extremely happy.

It was late at night after the massage.

Emma felt that her arms were sore because of the great force. She didn't know if she could lift her hands tomorrow morning.

On the second morning, when Jack opened his eyes, he found that his legs had almost returned to their best state, withou

eminded him of the past.

Jack shook his head, trying to get rid of those memories.

Now, it was a new challenge!

Everyone was around him, waiting for his action.

First of all, it was not difficult for him to stand up from the wheelchair. He could do it without any resistance.

The problem was that he had to walk a few steps alone in the space without any auxiliary things.

Both sides were covered with soft cushions to prevent him from falling and hurting himself.

Standing in the open space, Jack held the handle of the wheelchair. Now, he had to throw the wheelchair away and walk out on his own feet.

However, it took him too much effort to maintain the balance.

Emma had been looking at him worriedly, fearing that something unexpected would happen. If it happened, she would be the first one to rush up.

Jack wanted to move, but his feet moved a little, and his whole body leaned back. It seemed that he was about to fall to the ground.

The people around him held him in a hurry.

"Mr. Jack, be careful. If you can't, you can postpone it today." The doctor said worriedly.

"No, thanks." Jack refused, waving his hand.

Emma looked at Jack sympathetically, but Jack looked straight ahead and didn't notice Emma's eyes.

Next, he still had to take that step, whether he fell or not.

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