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In this way, William left Emma behind. Every day, he was thinking about how to successfully replace Jack.

In the company, before Jack was injured, Jack was the most powerful people.

But now, it was time for him, William, to show up.

First of all, those senior employees used to be the firm followers of Jack. He had to break them one by one.

William came to the company and the secretary came up.

"What are those Jack's followers doing now?" William asked.

"Mr. William, they still regard themselves as what they used to be. They thought they had the support of Jack, so they didn't buy us." The Secretary said with obvious dissatisfaction.

William frowned.

He was so annoyed with these people.

They never took him seriously before. Now Jack had a car accident and a lot of news was blocked.

These people thought that their glory was still there and didn't take him seriously.

William sneered.

It was time to teach these people a lesson.

"Tell them that I'm in charge of the Ouyang group now. They have no right to object. If they don't want to do it, they'd better leave as soon as possible!"

"Yes, boss!" The secretary was also happy. After a few years, it was finally his boss's turn to show up. He could also show off his power. He had long been disgusted with the look of Beck.

They both worked for the Ouyang group! Why did Beck have a higher position?

From this moment on, Jack's former followers clearly noticed the change in their situation.

They always made mistakes because they were the last people who knew the new rules and regulations of the company.

And it seemed that there were eyes everywhere. No matter what they did, they would be known.

There was no reward for doing well. If something went wrong, it would be peeled off a layer of skin.

Many people were suffering.

After all, most people in the company used to trust Jack.

The sudden appearance of William was not accepted by them.

As for those senior employees, they hadn't been in touch

to take a few days off to prepare some documents."

The rest of them were so angry that they didn't dare to say anything.

Only one or two elders survived. William didn't dare to hurt them for the time being.

Beck frowned and looked at the situation in front of him, thinking that something was wrong.

It seemed that William was about to make a big move.

Looking at the different facial expressions in front of him, William felt very happy.

Jack had been superior to him for so many years. He had been better than him in everything since he was a child.

Although her father, Wade, had never shown obvious partiality, he even cared him more clearly because of his mother.

But when it came to the company's performance, people would still say that Jack did better.

Let alone Sam.

As the real leader of the Ouyang group, he had always taken his eldest grandson, Jack, seriously, and William had always been a foil.

Now, because of the car accident, Jack can't become a healthy person. He must take advantage of this period of time to perform well, so that they can see that he, William, can also make a great achievement.

"If anyone here is dissatisfied with me, he can leave by himself as the two men did before. I won't hold you accountable. It's up to you. " He sat at the head of the table and glanced at everyone.

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