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He was about to ask more, but was interrupted by William who pushed the door open.

William knew that Wade had always wanted to marry Emma to Jack. He had a bad feeling.

He really didn't want Emma to be his sister-in-law. In that case, how could he get close to Emma?

It happened that there were few things in the company today, so he came to the hospital to see if he could meet Emma. He wanted to start with Emma and let her refuse.

But he didn't expect to see some people surrounding the ward as if they were watching something interesting.

When he came in, he realized that his father had a quarrel with his brother.

He quickly closed the door and came in.

"Dad, what's wrong? What happened? There are so many people outside. "

"I found a woman for your brother. I didn't expect him to blame me for what I did!" Wade said angrily.

"You'd better leave her to yourself!" Jack sneered coldly.

Blue veins stood out on Wade's temples. He wanted to teach Jack a lesson.

William was stunned. Did it mean that everything was settled?

He was in a bad mood, but when he saw the two people were about to quarrel again, he quickly came to his senses.

"Brother, don't say that. Don't piss dad off on purpose."

"Dad, it's inevitable for brother to be in a bad mood when he encountered such a thing. Why don't we talk about it later?"

Wade was still angry and said, "what's wrong with that girl? She comes to take care of you every day. In your current situation, which girl is willing to marry you? !"

Only then did Jack realize that his guess was right. Wade really had such a plan.

As expected, William got anxious.

"Dad, I think it's better to think about it. Look at brother, he is not in a good mood to get married now!"

Wade glared at him and was about to scold him when Jack sneered.

"Who wants to marry that bitch?"

Looking at the atmosphere between the two people, William quickly pulled Wade away and arranged for th

you said. I'll give it back to you! " Emma said angrily.

"Are you so eager to get married?" Jack said sarcastically.

At that time, he specially arranged someone to see what Emma was doing secretly during that time. Unexpectedly, he just knew that Wade was in contact with Emma.

When he knew that Emma had accepted Wade's gift, he didn't care about this woman anymore.

Anyway, it was all for the property. Why should he care about her life to get in touch with Wade?

But he didn't expect that he would marry her in the end.

Seeing Jack like this, Emma had nothing to say but to leave silently.

Anyway, this matter could not be changed, no matter how Jack opposed.

On the other side, Amy knew that Jack was going to marry Emma. She came here to meet Emma.

"Emma, you see. Jack is seriously injured this time. I'm afraid he doesn't want others to know about his injury."

Emma nodded. She knew it, but she didn't know what Amy was going to say.

"A big wedding is definitely not going to happen, and Jack is definitely not willing to. Do you think so? " Amy said softly.

"Yes." Emma could figure it out.

"Then, you don't have to hold a wedding ceremony, do you?"

After so many circles, Emma finally understood what Amy meant.

She didn't want them to hold a wedding ceremony.

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