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   Chapter 77 Promise

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But looking at him lying on the bed, he did not know that now it's almost impossible for him to stand up again.

Emma was too ashamed to face herself.

Looking at the quite Emma, Jack recalled the darkness of that day.

He was in a good mood at that time. After getting out of the car, he naturally came to open the door for Emma.

Thinking that they could have a good chat tonight, Jack thought they could have a good night again.

Just as he touched the doorknob of the car, the accident happened.

Emma was still getting out of the car, Jack's first reaction was to slam the door. Just at this moment, the uncontrolled car had arrived in front of him.

Then it was chaotic. He felt that he was flying and hit the bonnet heavily. The broken glass pierced into his skin, making him feel unreal, and then he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, Jack was already in the hospital.

His legs were numb.

The doctor didn't say if there was anything wrong with his legs, but he had a bad feeling.

Lying in the hospital bed all day long, Jack watched people coming and going. Everyone had different thoughts and looked around restlessly.

These days almost drove him crazy.

Emma suddenly stood up and walked into the bathroom.

She went inside to make a phone call.

Looking at her back, Jack felt that something would definitely happen.

Emma walked in and took out the business card that she had been holding tightly in her pocket.

The name Wade was written on the card.

She dialed a number with her trembling fingers, waiting for the call to get through.

The sound of beeping came to her ears. Every time the beep stopped, her heart was hanging high.

"Hello." a middle-aged man's voice came through.

It must be Wade.

"Hello, Mr. Ouyang. This is Emma. Do you remember me?" Emma greeted in low voice.

"Of course I remember. Did you think it through today?"

"Yes, I agree. After all, he can't stand up for the rest of his life. Only I can take care of him. "

Emma, who was conce

ything else.

"Mr. Ouyang, I have thought it over. It's my own decision."

It's all my fault that Jack has become like this. If it weren't for me, he might have escaped from the car accident that day." Emma said slowly.

Emma's tone was full of regret.

Everything would be good if she had never be with Jack.

"I think I should be fully responsible for taking care of him for the rest of my life."

"As for the marriage you said, I've already made him like this. How can I pursue better life?"

"So, I will definitely agree to your proposal to take care of him with my whole life and atone for my sin."

Emma was in great pain during the meeting. She didn't know how to continue her life with that decision made, but she couldn't just leave her savior behind.

Wade nodded in agreement.

"Well, Miss Emma, I will meet you again in the next few days and discuss the marriage between you and Jack. You'd better make a plan early. Our family will treat you well. "

In this way, the two stated their own thoughts clear and left soon.

After making the great decision, Emma felt much more relaxed.

At least, she was truly willing to be responsible for this accident, and she did not violate her own principles.

Even if her future may be tough, she had to keep going.

Because it was all her fault.

"Jack, are you ready?"

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