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   Chapter 76 Obstruction

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As if the three of them were a real family, and he was redundant.

He had been used to it for so many years.

Wade walked to the bedside of Jack and looked at his injured son.

He didn't know what was on his mind.

Jack just let him stare at him indifferently.

Wade turned around, walked aside and talked to William. Amy stood aside.

"Considering your brother's current situation, he must be taken care of by someone."

William had already known that her father wanted Emma to Jack, so he nodded silently.

"I want to find him a considerate woman who can take care of him."

The corners of Amy's mouth lifted into a smirk.

Sitting aside, Jack had already known what William was thinking from his words, so he was not surprised at all. However, he could see the expressions of the three people beside him.

However, William didn't change his expression because of his deep thoughts.

Amy's expression was quite interesting.

As for his father, he had never really considered for him.

"After all, it's good that a healthy woman is willing to marry him now."

"Dad, you should think about it again. After all, it's also brother's marriage." William still wanted to persuade his father. After all, he really didn't want Emma to marry Jack.

Jack didn't understand why William had been trying to stop the marriage.

Wade didn't say anything. He just told Jack to have a good rest and left with William and Amy.

Looking at the empty ward, Jack thought of his fate of being slaughtered and felt that future was unpredictable.

Wade, William and Amy returned home. Wade spoke out his real thoughts.

"According to my investigation, this woman has a lot to do with the consequences of the accident."

"Dad, I don't think so..." William said.

"Is there a place for you to talk?" Wade was displeased with his son's ide

e did owe Jack.

Although she needed to accompany him all the time to take care of him, she did not have to get married with him.

What will happen in the future if I marry him? Emma couldn't imagine what would happen in the future.

In the afternoon, she went to the hospital again.

Jack still looked miserable, with wounds all over his body. Because of his injured leg, he couldn't bear the stimulation. He didn't want to be taken care of all the time. Instead, he preferred to be alone.

Only Emma would always be with him at a fixed time.

She wouldn't leave no matter how hard he said those bad words to her.

He really doubted if this woman had any unusual intentions. Otherwise, why did she insist on staying with him all the time?

"Jack, don't give up yourself. I think you can stand up!" Emma whispered.

Jack didn't respond, as if he hadn't heard anything.

Looking at Jack. Emma had no choice.

The accident was so serious that it almost ruined much of Jack's life.

Besides, Emma hadn't seen his parents come to the hospital to visit them for so many days.

Sitting aside, Emma was in a daze.

'Should I marry Jack? I'm afraid he doesn't want to marry me considering he hates me so much now.'

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