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   Chapter 75 Good News

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After returning home, William was curious why her mother was in high spirits.

But in front of Wade, she restrained herself from showing it.

When his father left, Amy quickly walked up to William mysteriously with joy on her face.

William looked at her mother in confusion.

"Mom, is there anything good?"

"Son, what a good thing!" She said happily.

William didn't know why, but it must be about Jack. From childhood to adulthood, only Jack's tragedy could make her mother so happy.

"Do you know what your father wants to do this time?"


"He is going to arrange a wife for Jack!"

William thought about it carefully. The family background of Jack's bride must be not very good, otherwise her mother would not agree this.

"Who is she?" He asked indifferently, not caring who it was.

"I heard that she is a girl without wealth and background. She doesn't even have a job!"

No job?

William thought of a person.

"What's her surname?" He asked nervously.

"Her surname seems to Xia. Your father said that this girl went to the hospital to take care of Jack every day after the car accident. She was very considerate." Although Amy seemed to praise that girl, she was actually overjoyed.

However, William seemed to be struck by lightning. Her surname was Xia, and she went to the hospital to visit Emma every day. She must be Emma.

His expression suddenly turned ugly.

Why Emma?

"Mom, why did dad arrange such a woman for him?" He pretended to ask as if nothing had happened, but in fact, he was waiting for the answer nervously.

"Look at the current situation of Jack." Amy pouted.

"He had a car accident and was seriously injured. Who else would like to marry him? What's more, the doctor said that he might not be able to stand up for the rest of his life. "

With an expressionless face, Jack listened, not knowing what h

you want to say. Don't play tricks here." He sneered.

Jack didn't realize that her temper had changed a lot, and he was no longer as relaxed as before.

His whole body was gloomy because his legs were destroyed.

The atmosphere between the two became tense because of the sharp words of Jack.

Just then, the door was pushed open.

It broke the silence.

The two didn't turn their heads, as if they didn't care who was coming.

"Son, why are you here?" Amy asked in confusion.

William turned around and saw his father and mother walking towards them.

He quickly hid his expression and pretended to care about Jack.

Jack sneered and ignored him.

"Dad, mom, I'm just worried about brother and come here to see him." William stood up and said respectfully.

Amy's eyes showed a trace of satisfaction. Her son was getting better and better.

Although Wade didn't show his emotions in usual times, he was satisfied with the harmonious relationship between his two sons and didn't make trouble for him.

After all, they were brothers whose blood was thicker than water.

For a long time, the couple finally showed up in this ward, but Jack was calm. He knew that there was no place for him to stay in this home, just like now.

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