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   Chapter 73 Hypocrisy

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Finally, the emotional fluctuation of Jack gradually died down. After pushing everything around him madly, his whole body slowly slowed down and he fell into a coma again.

Before that, Emma had already walked out of the ICU. In order not to disturb Jack, she had been secretly standing at the door to observe the situation of Jack.

As soon as she saw him in a coma, she immediately called the doctor for examination.

"Doctor, how is he now?"

Emma stood aside worriedly and looked at the doctor eagerly, hoping to get a satisfactory answer.

"The accident is serious."

The doctor said vaguely through the mask.

"At that time, the situation was very dangerous. Thanks to Mr. Ouyang's great luck, he jumped on the front cover of the car in time. Otherwise, I'm afraid that he wouldn't be survived now. At that time, he might die on the spot."

Emma clenched her fists. Thinking of the scene that day, she couldn't help but feel a pang of fear.

"Yes, but after the car hit the tree, Mr. Ouyang's head was hit and there was a bruise in it."

Emma thought to herself, 'fortunately, I didn't allow anyone else to move him freely at that time. Otherwise, it would definitely delay the rescue time.'.

"That clot of blood pressed on the central nerve. After a series of rescue, he was out of danger. But his legs lost their ability to move. "

Emma finally knew why Jack's legs couldn't move anymore. She couldn't help feeling heartbroken and blamed herself more severely.

"But the patient's legs are likely to stand up again." The doctor said, rolling his eyes.

Emma was shocked by his words.

Jack could still stand up!

"Doctor, what should we do? !" Emma asked anxiously, her face full of sincere anxiety.

"This mainly depends on the patient's strong desire to stand up and whether he actively cooperate with the recovery training. If th


With red eyes, Jack glared at Emma.

"Don't be so angry. It's not good for your recovery!" Emma said anxiously.

"If it weren't for you, how dare this woman show off in front of me? !"

Shouted Jack.

The car accident really made him lose a lot.

"I'm really sorry. It's all my fault. If possible, I would rather be the one who was hit!"

Emma collapsed to the ground, holding her head and crying hysterically.

Sitting on the bed, Jack looked at the situation and didn't know how to go back to the past, It was a foregone conclusion.

Emma had deeply understood that it was a devastating blow to Jack. His current status might fall because of the car accident.

Amy went to the ward and pretended to visit Jack. When she returned home, he talked with the ladies who came to play cards every day.

"My stepson is really pitiful this time. I don't know why such a thing happened to my good child. "

Amy said sadly while playing cards.

"I heard that the child was badly hit by a car this time, but no one knows how he is now."

Another man asked tentatively.

"The doctor said that he would never be able to stand up in the future. He could only sit in a wheelchair for a lifetime. I really feel sorry for him."

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