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   Chapter 72 Madness

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Although Jack didn't wake up, she was out of danger after doctors' rescue.

This was the good news the doctors said.

The bad news was that he might not be able to stand up again.

The regretful doctor didn't dare to tell her the news. Who was lying on the bed? The CEO of the Ouyang clan, Jack! He could even make others panic when he stamped his feet casually in financial street, but now he could only lie on the bed as a disabled person. And they didn't dare to tell Jack about it.

Jack was still sleeping deeply in the ICU, not knowing what he was going to face when he woke up.

Emma, on the other hand, almost fainted.

What happened? If she hadn't gone out for dinner with Jack that day, but had refused him ruthlessly, would all this have happened?

Although the current situation could not be changed, Emma was still overwhelmed by the sense of guilt.

She faced the wall and squatted down, burying her head in her hands and crying.

"It's all my fault!"

All she could think about was blaming herself. She even wished she was the one who was hit.

Beck and the others were also worried, not knowing what would happen next.

William was neither sad nor happy. No one could tell his true emotions.

In the ICU, Jack was wrapped in bandages and tubes, sleeping soundly.

Every day, Emma stood in front of the glass and stared at the unconscious Jack, hoping that he could open his eyes, but at the same time, she was worried about his following reaction.

In this way, under the stimulation of different emotions every day, Emma's body condition quickly turned gray, and her vitality seemed to fall sharply with the state of Jack's life.

"Emma, it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself all the time." William's heart ached when she saw Emma like this. He couldn't help persuading her.

"It's all my fault. If it weren't for me, he wouldn't have ended up like this..." murmured Emma, sitting on the c


Jack shouted angrily.

"Get out! All of you!"

He struggled to sit up, picked up the pillow in his hand and threw it at everything around him.

The doctors hurried out and walked to the door, reminding her, "Miss, the patient's mood is quite unstable. You'd better come out, lest you stimulate him."

Emma remained silent and motionless.

Seeing that Jack was about to explode, the doctors quickly ran away.

Emma was still sitting in her seat.

Jack roared at Emma, "I told you to get out! Can't you hear me? !"

"Don't do this. It's not good for your health. Take it easy. There will be hope. " Emma said nervously.

This kind of Jack made her feel strange and dare not speak too much.

Jack wasn't like this before.

"If it weren't for you, why am I lying here paralyzed? !" Shocked by the reality, Jack went crazy.

He spoke without thinking.

Emma felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her guilt was magnified infinitely, and she was about to collapse on the ground.

She choked with sobs and said, "it's all my fault."

Seeing her, Jack thought of his current situation. He didn't want to look at her at all. He lost his legs!

He couldn't live like a normal person anymore. Everyone would laugh at him behind his back. He was just a cripple!

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