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   Chapter 71 Accident

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6990

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Emma had known them for a long time, but she didn't know that William was born by Amy, and Amy remarried Wade.

Jack had never admitted this woman as her mother in his heart.

The three of them kept silent in embarrassment.

It was the first time that Emma felt such a strange atmosphere. Seeing that her goal had been achieved today, she decided to go back to school as soon as possible.

Sure enough, from now on, there were no more strange people in her shop.

Emma was able to continue to work. After all, it was really difficult to find a job with a high salary at such a suitable time.

The two brothers also calmed down for a period of time and did not make trouble again.

Half a month passed, and Emma's graduation date was approaching.

Jack was waiting for Emma on another weekend.

The two hadn't talked for a long time and both of them missed each other. Emma put down the old grudge and talked to him playfully. The atmosphere between the two was relaxed and harmonious.

When they arrived at the destination, Jack got out of the car first and opened the door for Emma. Emma always thought these details were very gentleman.

So far, she had only seen this kind of etiquette from the two brothers. Of course, she had never met any other upper class members, she only knew Jack and William.

Danger happened at this moment.

Jack bent down and was about to open the door to help Emma up, but there was a sudden noise around. Before Jack could react, he heard the screams of the people around her. He looked up and saw a car coming up.

Sitting in the car, Emma didn't know what happened outside. She only felt that the originally open door was suddenly closed by Jack. She couldn't push it open no matter how hard she tried. The next second, a car passed by the window, and Emma fell to the back seat.

Fortunately, the car just rushed out from the side, not directly hit, otherwise it must be very terrible.

Emma thought with fear.

But she immediately remembered that Jack stood by the door just now.

My God!

Emma's mind went blank. She open

the car by the car, resulting in a coma and some vibration. I don't know if he can wake up smoothly."

"You have to be mentally prepared. His condition is very serious. It's hard to say whether he can survive or not." The doctor said in a heavy tone.

Emma's whole body was paralyzed. She was desperate to hear the news. What if there was something wrong with Jack?

Beck also showed a desperate expression.

William, on the other hand, was thinking about something with an inexplicable expression on her face. However, Emma had no time to pay attention to him at this time, and her heart was full of whether or not Jack could wake up successfully.

Standing outside the operating room, Emma walked back and forth anxiously, not knowing what was going on inside.

The members of the Ouyang family who came later all had different expressions on their faces, which was enough to show the importance of Jack in these people's eyes.

Soon, the light of the operating room was off.

Emma rushed to the door excitedly, waiting for the door to open. She had to confirm what had happened to Jack.

The doctors all had some regrets on their faces. They didn't dare not to treat the patient with all their heart because of Jack's identity, but they didn't expect that the result was still so bad.

Looking at their expressions, Emma was a little scared.

What was waiting for Jack?

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