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   Chapter 62 The Nanny's Kindness

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Soon, three dishes and one soup were ready by Emma.

She gently asked the nanny to remind Jack to come downstairs for dinner, and then she went back to her room.

The nanny knew that there was a big fight in the living room just now. After all, she had just cleaned up the mess and knew what had happened.

As soon as Emma closed the door, Jack could hear the door of Emma's room close from the side, but he ignored it.

Instead, he heard footsteps.

For a moment, Jack thought it was Emma who came here to apologize. He glanced at the door from the corner of his eyes from time to time, looking forward to the person who appeared.

"Mr. Jack, Madam. Emma has prepared the dinner and asked you to go downstairs for dinner."

It turned out that it was just the nanny and she didn't come.

The awkward Jack would not admit that he was a little disappointed now.

He nodded and said to the nanny, "help me down."

The nanny came forward and held him, slowly going downstairs together.

Jack was still analyzing the situation in his mind.

This woman didn't come to apologize herself, but she cooked the meal herself. It must be a kind of apology. Jack was still thinking about how to please her later so that he would forgive her for what she had done.

As a result, there was no one at the table except the steaming soup and delicious dishes.

Jack looked around and didn't find anyone else.

Emma is not here!

What was her attitude?!

The plan didn't work. At this moment, Jack almost wanted to throw all the dishes on the ground.

But he looked at the nanny next to him and didn't do that. After all, it was not nanny's fault.

"Mr. Jack, Madam specially made these dishes for you. She asked you to eat them while they are still hot." The nanny kindly reminded him.

"What about herself? Where did she go? " Jack asked.

"Madam said she had no appetite for the time being and didn't want to eat much. But she can't starve you, so she cook all your dishes first and let you eat first. " The nanny explained carefully.

Jack didn'

still consumed.

The nanny saw all this and couldn't help but care about this young girl.

Emma didn't go downstairs and eat just now, so she cooked some dishes herself. When she was ready, she went up to ask Emma to come downstairs for dinner. She didn't expect that Madam would come downstairs soon.

Looking at the fresh dishes in front of her, Emma felt nanny's kindness.

How long had it been since she was treated so kindly?

Emma felt that when she graduated from university and got involved in the mess of the Ouyang family, few people could offer such sincere help.

Jack didn't pay much attention to the nutrition she prepared even if she cooked carefully every day.

On the contrary, the nanny could see her efforts and care about her, so she had the dinner tonight.

She cooked for others every day, and who would take the initiative to cook for her?

At the thought of this, Emma felt Warm all over her body. Her nose and eyes were a little sore, as if she was about to cry.

But she tried to hold back her tears.

She smiled and said softly, "thank you."

The nanny didn't know what to do. She didn't know why Madam was so emotional during the meal. She had to persuade Emma to eat quickly, or they would get cold later.

Emma nodded, sat in her seat and chewed every food carefully. She tasted the feeling of being cared and cared about.

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