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   Chapter 61 The Ball In Memory

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6338

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"Miss Emma is so beautiful today." He couldn't help but praise.

Emma smiled shyly. She was not used to herself today.

The two drove away.

Emma didn't notice that behind her, Michael and Beryl stood together, looking at her with different emotions.

Beryl gnashed her teeth in jealousy.

Michael was obviously surprised, disdainful and despised. It turned out that the woman he had been pursuing was such a bitch.

Obviously, Michael was dragged here by Beryl on purpose.

Beryl wanted more people to hate Emma, but she couldn't make it too obvious.

Emma followed William to the party. She was very nervous. It was the first time that she had attended such an occasion.

Although she was dressed up, she was still extremely unconfident deep in her heart.

Apparently, William sensed the emotion of Emma. He suddenly held Emma's hand tightly.

Feeling the strong support of the man beside her, Emma slowly abandoned those thoughts.

Tonight, she was a good partner.

"Emma, can I call you like this?" William asked.

Emma nodded, "of course." In fact, she was very happy, as if the two of them were very close.

"You can just call me William. Don't call me Mr. William. It seems not intimate. " William said gently.


"Today's ball is so big that many people will come. Let me introduce a person to you. " William blinked.

Emma looked at him in confusion, wondering who he was going to introduce.

William pulled Emma into a quiet place with few people. It was not as lively as outside.

There was a man standing in front of the window and looking out. No one knew what he was thinking.

He was tall and straight with an extraordinary temperament.

Perhaps he heard the footsteps behind him, he turned around and looked behind.

It was William and Emma.


William called him.

Emma looked at the two people in surprise and foun

calmed herself down and drove all the messy thoughts out of her mind.

She calmed down and became the quiet Emma again.

It was almost dinner time.

Although the man always had a bad attitude towards her, during the recovery, Emma was still very worried about Jack's health. Even if the two had just quarreled, it could even be said that Jack had only verbal attack on her.

Emma still decided to go downstairs and cook dinner for him seriously.

The past memories would slowly dissipate, and the most important thing was to live in the present.

Emma tried to comfort herself.

After walking out of the room, Emma went downstairs and came to the kitchen.

There were many dishes in the fridge, which could be cooked casually.

Emma selected some nutritious dishes and went to the kitchen to carefully deal with the food materials.

She cut the fish into pieces and washed the vegetables carefully.

Even the nanny couldn't help but secretly praise the hostess for her meticulousness and meticulousness in doing everything.

Emma hadn't hummed a song when she was cooking for a long time. Recently, her mood was always ups and downs, and she could no longer be as happy as before.

There was only the sound of Emma cooking in the kitchen.

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