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   Chapter 60 Renew Their Relationship

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 6587

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After living a peaceful life in the campus for a period of time, Emma had thought that she would not have any contact with William.

But she received a strange call in the afternoon.

Confused, Emma looked at the unknown number and didn't know whether she should answer it or not. At last, she answered it.

"Hello, is that Miss Emma?" A warm male voice came through the microphone.

"Yes, what's up?" 'how could he call me Miss Emma? I don't have such a friend, ' Emma thought.

"Hello, I'm William. I want to ask you for a favor. Are you free?"

It was William!

Emma was shocked.

"Mr. William, what can I do for you? I will help you if I can. " Last time, Emma didn't thank him by the coffee last time. Later, she asked others and found that there was no discount at all that day.

In that case, William had to pay a sum of money secretly in advance.

If she could help him this time, Emma thought it would be all right. She could make up for him and let herself forget him.

"Here is the thing. I have a business ball next week, but I don't have a female companion. Everyone will take a female companion to this kind of ball, and I can't find anyone for a while. I can only think of you, Miss Emma. Is that okay?" His voice was sincere. It sounded that he really needed a partner.

Emma was a little confused. How could a person like him not find a dancing partner? Would he need help from a nobody like her?

But he had already turned to her for help, and she was going to pay him back.

Emma finally agreed.

"Great! Thank you so much, Miss Emma! " William said gratefully.

Even Emma couldn't help but feel happy because of his tone.

"Then it's settled. The ball will be held next Monday. I'll pick you up at the school gate in the afternoon, okay?"


Then the two ended the call.

Emma came to herself from the joy of helping William.

Attend a ball? But she didn't even have a dress!

Only then did Emma realize t

o careful and notice that she might not have a dress, so he specially sent someone to send it here.

Emma was moved by William's considerate behavior.

However, at the thought of Emma's good luck, Beryl felt very uncomfortable.

After returning the clothes to Emma, Beryl found an excuse and went out.

Emma thought that Beryl really had something to do, so she looked at the dress up and down.

This was a tight dress, which could outline the perfect figure, and the flat collar could reveal a large part of her collarbone.

The whole dress was elegant. It must have a good effect.

She was supposed to help him, but she didn't expect that he would specially send her a dress. How could she repay it? Emma thought sadly.

On Monday, she had changed the dress in advance in the afternoon. Fortunately, her high-heeled shoes could barely match the dress. Emma looked at herself in the mirror and carefully put on makeup, trying not to be a little indecent.

Otherwise, they might not only laugh at her, but also she would leave a bad impression on William.

Dressed up, Emma walked out of the campus. She felt uncomfortable as if she was not herself anymore.

Sure enough, a car had been parked at the school gate. Sitting on the driver's seat, William saw a graceful woman coming gracefully.

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