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   Chapter 59 Appreciation

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William smiled, satisfied with Emma's professional attitude.

"My mother is in a bad mood recently. I want to buy her something to surprise her. She likes this brand very much, so I come here to have a look today. But I don't know much about it. It depends on you. I believe in your words! "

Emma was moved. She didn't expect him to trust her so much.

The two of them discussed slowly. William paid the bill quickly. When he was about to leave, he was stopped by Emma.

"Mr. Ouyang, please wait a moment? I'm off duty now. Do you have time? " Emma asked with expectation in her eyes.

William smiled, "I'm free."

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee in return?"

William was surprised. She didn't expect that the girl was still thinking about his help last time.

Although he didn't lack this cup of coffee, it was better to say yes, in case that he would always make her feel sorry.

"It's my honor to have a drink with such a beautiful lady." William said gracefully.

Emma chuckled. This man was so excellent that she couldn't help but like him.

The two of them came to a coffee shop nearby. This was a commercial area, but this coffee shop mainly focused on high-end theme. There were few people. The environment was quiet, and the music was soothing and touching.

Emma expressed her greatest gratitude sincerely this time.

The two sat face to face, and the atmosphere was quiet.

"Emma, you are so smart. You haven't forgotten to work even when you are studying. Are you tired at ordinary times?" William randomly opened a topic.

"It's not that hard. It's just to ease the burden for our family." Emma didn't want to talk about it anymore. She didn't want to expose her family's situation to this man, which would make her particularly pitiful.

She didn't want to pretend to be pitiful in front of him.

William knew what Emma was thinking, so he stopped talking about it.

"Mr. Ouyang, why did you stand out at

stie's attitude. She even asked her to share her thoughts with her.

But in fact, Emma didn't expect William would contact her.

Mr. Ouyang was born in a rich family and had a lot of excellent women around him. How could he remember such a small role like her.

The two of them were not from the same world at all.

Emma was depressed again.

Beryl hurried to comfort her.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Emma was still lying on the bed in her dormitory, recalling what had happened during the day. Every decent physical language of William was magnified infinitely in her mind.

Emma felt that she couldn't get rid of the image of this person from her mind. She tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep.

She couldn't fall asleep, neither could the other one.

Since the moment Beryl saw Emma get out of the car, her mood has been rolling and unable to calm down, Now, in order to get rid of the evil in her heart, she took her phone to Michael and exaggerated the new changes of Emma. She was secretly looking forward to the bad luck of Emma.

The two best friends who used to live together day and night were gradually separated and drifting away. At this time, Emma was still unconscious, unaware that the minds of the person around her had already changed.

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