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   Chapter 55 Proposal

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Hearing that, Emma felt that William had suffered a lot. Although it was out of kindness, William was treated maliciously by Jack.

She said gently, "thank you so much." She didn't know if she should tell William or herself.

William shook her head, showing that he didn't care.

"Anyway, we just hope that brother can recover as soon as possible, right?" William stared at Emma and said slowly.

Emma looked into his eyes and felt that what he said was true.

So she nodded heavily.

"Let's work together and let brother stand up as soon as possible, okay?" William suggested another way of cooperation.

Emma hesitated. If so, she would often make Jack angry? He didn't want Jack to be in a state of anger all the time, which was not good for his health.

Seeing her hesitation, William said gently, "you don't have to force yourself. It doesn't matter even if you don't agree. I just ask casually."

Emma finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was good not to be forced to make a decision. At least, it was different from Jack.

William sighed in his heart, 'Emma is so kind. It's easy for her to feel sympathy and praise for me with just a few words.'.

He didn't want to make things difficult for Emma anymore.

Silently, Emma put down her prejudices against William and thought that William was a good person.

Although it was just William's sweet words.

William stopped talking and was attracted by the wounds on Emma's body again.

"What... What happened to you? Those scars?" He asked with concern.

Emma didn't want to say anything, but shook her head.

"If you don't tell me, I will stay here forever." William said firmly.

"Did brother do it? To be honest, I won't blame you. The Ouyang family will never allow a man to do such a thing! "

Seeing that William seemed to have att

mpatient. He was suspicious that the two of them were secretly hooking up somewhere he couldn't see, so he finally called Emma's name.

Emma knew that he wanted her to go to the living room as soon as possible.

William's eyes darkened. Why did this cripple always spoil his plan!

Emma looked at William apologetically and said quickly, "you'd better leave first, or he will lose his temper again later."

William pretended to understand and said, "I know. My brother is in poor health and urgently needs you to take care of him. His mood is probably always affected by his health. It's just that you have to do this and that. "

Emma shook her head and stopped him.

"I'm fine. It's not a big deal."

Then he took William out of the door.

William walked out slowly with his secret thoughts. Emma stood by the door and looked at him.

"Slow down. Be careful on the way. Thank you for caring about Jack today." Emma said goodbye politely.

"You're welcome. That's what I should do." William said with a smile.

After saying that, he was about to leave, but Emma felt that William suddenly approached her and whispered in her ear.

"When you divorce, I will marry you. And I'll wait for you."

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