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   Chapter 54 See Him Off

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Although William didn't tell the truth, he looked as if he had suffered a loss.

Emma thought that it must be Jack who irritated others with his poisonous mouth again. After all, she had suffered a lot.

So she quickly said to William, "that's how he is. Don't take it to heart."

Emma, who was confused, didn't know that Jack didn't do anything this time, but she assumed that Jack had provoked others.

Hearing what Emma said, the two of them had different reactions.

William continued to look worried, as if Jack had really spoken ill of him when Emma was not there, completely forgetting that he had been provoking Jack.

But William stared at Jack, as if he had won.

Without Emma, Jack could easily calm down. But he didn't expect that as long as Emma was involved, his thoughts would suddenly short out and he couldn't tell whether it was true or not.

Just like now, before Emma came, no matter how William provoked him, he would keep calm and ignore him.

All this was broken when Emma came out to criticize him inexplicably.

His emotions surged up again.

"Get out! If you don't get out, I'll ask someone to invite you out in person! !" This was a direct order to ask her out.

No one could be shameless to continue to stay here after being said such words.

William also felt that her goal of today's trip had been achieved, and he could indeed leave.

But he had to make some trouble.

At first, when Emma heard what Jack said, she was sure that Jack lost his temper for no reason. It was okay for him to lose his temper at her usually. Today, his brother specially came to visit him, but he was still so reckless.

But she couldn't tell right from wrong now, because there was indeed a conflict of interests between Jack and William. No one could be sure that William didn't have any other purpose.

"Well, stop talking!" Emma still tried to dissuade him.


g to say?

"My whole family really cares about him. He was always like this when he was a child. He didn't allow anyone to care about him, so I couldn't get close to him." William said sincerely.

"He's married. In fact, as his brother, I'm also very worried that he will meet someone bad, so last time I tested you to see if you also coveted his property." William continued.

Emma looked at him with doubt.

"How should you suspect me?" Emma didn't expect that William would suspect her.

William smiled bitterly, "I'm really worried. I have to say sorry for this. But it happened for a reason. "

"And I just held your hand, so I should apologize sincerely for my offence. Do you remember the scene when you danced with me at the banquet last time?"

Emma asked suspiciously, "what's wrong?"

"I have figured it out. You made such a sacrifice for my brother's recovery. You know that my brother wants to be against me, so you specially use me to stimulate him, don't you?"

Emma was so embarrassed that she didn't know how to answer.

William comforted her and smiled. "It's okay. I'm willing to do that. So I pretended to be very close to you in front of brother today, in order to make him stand up. You know, last time he also stood up suddenly. "

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