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   Chapter 17 Consider The Successor

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A night passed.

Emma woke up very early. After breakfast, she began to search about the business tycoons at the banquet online in case of being embarrassed at night.

Jack, on the other hand, was calm. He had seen many such major occasions before, so he didn't pay much attention to this. In his eyes, these tycoons are no more than insignificant scoundrels. Seeing Emma behaving so nervously, he thought she was making a fuss. How could anything bad happen with his present?

In the afternoon, the same group of studio designers served yesterday came in a larger group. Based on the design plan one day before, Emma was perfectly dressed up. However, for Emma, the splendid full dress was like the armor before a battle. Although it was so beautiful, Emma had no time to appreciate it.

The difference was that, Jack looked up from time to time at Emma's dress, and then asked the leader of the designers to get a suit from his cloakroom. The style and color of the suit and tie exactly followed the clothes styles of Emma. The leader praised him profusely and said that he had sharp eyes.

Judging from his daily expenses on clothes and food, Emma could tell that Jack must have a good taste. However, she didn't know that Jack would be so professional on clothing. Smart people were really outstanding in different fields.

Just then, Beck came to report to Jack about the work in the morning, and everyone was ready to go to the dinner party.

This business banquet was a high-level one, converging celebrities from different fields, many investors and business tycoons gathered here. They communicated with each other about the flow of money and discussed about the current direction of capital. On the other hand, they also took this opportunity to observe the development of all business forces.

There was no doubt that the accident happened on Jack were the focus of many people.

Could a disabled eldest son inherit the Ouyang clan? If there was no Ouyang clan behind him, would Jack still of great value? Should they turn to support the other potential heirs?

This thought appeared in all minds. They smiled to each other on the surface, but in their hearts, they divided their opponent into different levels, to determine whether someone was of business value.

The driver parked the car at the gate of the hotel. The largest investor of this hotel was the Ouyang clan. It could be said that the party was held by the Ouyang clan.

Many luxury cars were already parked at the door. Behind Ouyang's wheelchair, Emma pulled herself up and marched slowly.

Keep your image! Never let anyone looks down upon you!

Every waiter would stop and greet Jack when they saw him.

With a smile on her face, Emma nodded politely around, trying to be a good wife of the president.

Finally, they entered the hall. In the corner, a few pianists were playing attentively. Elites of the business circle were talking and laughing in the hall and toasting each other. When Jack came in, everyone stopped.

At this moment, William approached and greeted, "Brother, here you are. Many elders here are waiting to see you. They want to know how you are doing these two years. " The others in the hall nodded in agreement.

Jack looked at them indifferently. Concerned about him? It was more likely that they were caring about their potential profit damage.

Resting on th

e back of the chair stiffly, Emma felt extremely uncomfortable in the hall. The once noisy hall suddenly became quite upon their entrance and all the eyes were focused on Jack and her.

"Just come in." Jack ordered indifferently.

As soon as his voice faded away, the hall became lively again, but those people were curiously observing him from time to time.

Emma could feel that some people were staring at her with passionate eyes, they seemed to burn her down with their eyes. She turned her head slightly to look at those women who wore delicate make-up, and held wine glasses in their hands. Standing in the crowd, they looked at Emma fiercely, as if she had snatched something from them.

The test came so soon, which was beyond Emma's expectation. These women must be Jack's adorers, and they must be eager to tear Emma into pieces to gain her current position.

Soon several men with high experience came up.

"You've changed so much, Jack. We all feel surprised." These people commented enthusiastically.

"Thank you for your concern. I'm fine, but my legs haven't fully recovered. I'll be fine soon," said Jack in a neither servile nor overbearing way.

"Is this the wife your father decided for you to marry? She is still so sweet. " They started to talk about Emma.

Emma nodded and smiled, not knowing what to say.

Jack didn't answer but merely nodded. Then they started to talk about the fluctuation of the market and the stock price. Upon hearing these, Emma hurriedly beckoned to Jack, indicating that she wanted to leave here. Jack nodded almost invisibly and Emma left quickly.

Jack had Clair with him. There shouldn't be a big problem.

Wearing high-heeled shoes, Emma felt a little tired, so he wanted to find a place to rest. She found a sofa in the rest area and sat down.

Everyone in front of her was busy. One minute one may talk to this man nicely, and the next minute he may drink happily with another. Emma felt like an outsider, entering this place by mistake and unable to get rid of it.

Two women slowly approached. Emma recognized that they were staring at her with vicious eyes when she walked in. She intended to stand up and leave, but unexpectedly they stopped three meters away.

'It should be unnecessary to leave now. They were so far away from me that little troubles could be made. '.

Emma imagined. Thus, she continued to rest, not paying attention to the surrounding situation.

The two women chatted while standing, and then got two glasses of wine from the waiter passing by. At the beginning, they just shook their glasses and chatted with each other friendly.

Out of unknown reasons, they started to quarrel with each other. Before Emma realized what happened, she saw them pushing and shoving. The woman who was closer to her was pushed a few steps back and was about to spill the wine on Emma.

Emma wore a tight dress with fishtail. If the water was splashed on her, the scene must be embarrassing. But she couldn't make any response. Jack was in a distance. Moreover, he could hardly help her with his legs broken.

Seeing that the glass of wine was about to be poured on her, the woman in the distance also stopped quarreling, and put on a look of enjoying the show.

All of a sudden, a hand reached out, grabbed the woman and pushed her away. That woman staggered and almost fell to the ground.

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