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   Chapter 11 Misunderstanding

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"Think about it, who should be blamed for my crippled legs?" He said gloomily.

Hearing this, Emma froze. Then she loosened her arms, and pitched her clothes tightly, didn't know what to say.

Finally, she lowered her head and helped Jack sit on the wheelchair. The man gave her a snort of contempt.

She pushed him to the living room. Jack opened his computer and began to browse the company's business. Emma quietly prepared for their breakfasts.

She planned to make some toasts, some hard-boiled eggs and milk.

"Something's wrong with this project. This is not my original plan. Did William instructed you to fool me behind my back?"

"We can explain it, Mr. Jack. You've been away for such a long time, and some businesses are getting way too complicated. We didn't have a choice..." someone responded on the other side.

But Jack interrupted him rudely.

"Don't try to fool me. If you can't fix this problem, you'll be fired!" Jack scolded.

"Mr. Jack, please don't. I'll call Beck right away to explain it in detail. It's our fault. We're truly sorry." apologized the man.


Jack hung up the video call. He was raged, breathing heavily. It wasn't long since he left the company, but these employees hadn't taken his words seriously already. He didn't care about the wealth of the Ouyang Family, but what he couldn't bear is to see his own business being split and destroyed by others!

Emma, who was heating the milk, tried her best to pretend that she was busy with her job, and didn't hear anything. She didn't want to get involved in these troubles.

Jack was lost in his own thoughts in front of his computer.

Ring, ring.

The doorbell rang. Jack raised his head and mentioned Emma to answer the door.

She washed her hands and went in a hurry.

Beck stood outside the door with a mild expression.

"Good morning, madam. I came here to report my work." he said.

"Oh, hello. Come in please. He seems to be very angry." Emma cautioned him.

After leading Beck in, Emma wanted to use the washroom. Besides, she didn't want to know anything about Jack's business. So she went straight to the bathroom upstairs.

A moments later, there were still the sounds of talking downstairs. The voice of Jack had calmed down. It seemed that Beck had explained the whole matter clearly. Now they were discussing something else.

Suddenly, Emma remembered that the breakfast prepared in the kitchen was about to get cold. After getting up, Jack was occupied with his work. He didn't eat anything. She need to fill his stomach as soon as possible since he was still a patient.

So she went to the kitchen lightly and took out the breakfast. Then she walked softly to the living room. Just when she stepped in, two men stopped their conversation abruptly, seemed to be afraid that she would hear some secrets.

Emma smiled unnaturally.

"I just want to bring you the breakfast. You are still injured. You need to eat something." Emma explained herself in a fawning way.

Jack frowned in disgust as if he had seen something filthy. He opened his mouth, was about to say something.

Emma was sure that he wanted to say something unpleasant to hear again.

Probably because of Beck's presence, and he believed they were a nominal couple, Jack controlled himself, and gradually calmed down. "Just put it there. You worried too much." he said with tamed anger.

Beck just lowered his head and said nothing.

As her good intention being t

reated like this, Emma was irritated and embarrassed. She said nothing but put down the breakfast and left in a hurry.

Looking at her back, Jack showed a look of disgust.

'She was indeed a scheming woman. She was probably trying to get information about his business, so she can told William. A disgusting bitch!' Jack cursed.

Returning to her room, Emma did not know what Jack thought of her. She just felt that her relationship with Jack returned back to the starting point again which was eased yesterday.

A few moments later, she heard the sound of the car engine outside the villa. Beck must have finished reporting and left.

But when Emma thought of the way that Jack looked at her just now, she didn't dare to go downstairs right away. Instead, she sat in the room silently, in a daze.

Not knowing how long it had passed, she remembered that she had to clean the dishes that Jack had used. Jack never hired any housekeeper to run the house. Instead, he just had someone to clean the house regularly.

Emma walked down the stairs and stopped at the edge of the living room. She saw that Jack was typing on the computer, dealing with the company affairs. Beside him, there was a thick pile of papers. He was reading these papers while typing.

Sunshine came in from the window and fell on him. His black hair looked slightly yellow, and his pupils were somewhat transparent under the light. He was so concentrated on his work, which made him seem very earnest.

Looking at his handsome face, Emma wondered why such a man had such a bad temper. He was so easy to get raged that no one dared to come into contact with him.

While thinking about it, Emma didn't forget that she was here to clean up the table. So she slowly walked towards him, bent down and picked up the cup and the plate. When she turned around and was about to leave, she heard him speaking ironically.

"Don't try to get any information from me. I won't give you any chance to tell William. Why do you think he slept with you?" snorted Jack. It's nothing but because you can get the first-hand information from me for him. You are just too naive."

Shocked, Emma turned around. No wonder that the expressions on their faces were so strange. It turned out that they were afraid that she would steal their business secrets.

When she figured everything out, she felt humiliated.

"I was just out of good will. I was concerned that skip the breakfast is bad for your health. I didn't expect that you would think of me in this way. You are so mean!" Emma couldn't believe it.

Turning around from the computer, Jack mocked her with an obscure smile, "Don't expect William will treat you nicely. He has slept with countless women. You are nothing."

His words pissed Emma off. The lie she made up to stimulate Jack to stand up was interpreted by him in such a shameful way. Emma laughed in anger. She ruffled her hair and said, "Well, at least, he can satisfy me. You are just too lame. You can't even stand up."

Jack held the handrail of the wheelchair with his hands, blue veins standing out on his face. He seemed to about to stand up.

'She's a maniac! So shameless! A slut dared to mock him!' Jack was about to explode.

With her eyes wide open, Emma looked at him nervously, hoping that he could stand up.

But in the end, Jack just sat on the chair, without any moves. He raised his head and screamed at her, "Fuck off! Get out of here! Now! Run to your lover, bitch!"

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