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   Chapter 9 Care

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Turning his head, Jack hummed and said nothing.

It was already noon and it was time for lunch. Jack was usually busy with his work and rarely came back home, let alone having a meal. Everything in the kitchen was brand new.

Emma pushed Jack to the living room and brought him some books, a laptop and a mobile phone. He was killing time by himself.

The living room was connected to the kitchen and not far from the kitchen. Emma walked into the kitchen, put on the apron, tied up her hair, rested her hands on the waist, and began to think about doing something to help Jack's wound recover.

With a newspaper in his hand, Jack looked at Emma who was not far away, his expression was indifferent, and nobody knew what he was thinking about.

When she opened the fridge, Emma couldn't help gasping with admiration.

"Wow, these are so many dishes." There were lots of fruits and vegetables in the fridge, and it was easy to find any kinds of meat, seafood or anything else.

Emma turned her head and said to Jack, "You didn't stay at home all the time, so why did you buy so many food? Isn't it a waste?"

Jack opened his eyes and nodded. But he didn't tell her that even if he seldom returned home, there would be someone specially managing the house and always be ready for Jack coming back to live.

"Let make porridge and get some fruit for you to eat, it's good for your recovery." Standing in front of the fridge, Emma talked to herself in a low voice.

Just did it, Emma picked up the casserole, rinsed the rice and then prepared the ingredients. After that, she lighted the fire to heat. Emma stood in front of the casserole and waited for the water to boil. Her chin was slightly lowered, and her hair fell in front of her cheeks. And a tiny eardrop was hanging on her tiny earlobe, shaking gently as she moved.

Emma was checking whether the water in the pot was boiling while Jack turned his head to see Emma's each and every move. In the corner of the living room, the lily quietly gave off sweet fragrance.

When the water was boiled, Emma poured the rice and ingredients into the pot and covered the lid. Then she turned around, hummed a tune and took some fruit out of the fridge. The light humming sound was floated from the kitchen into the living room, and it was heard by Jack, and surrounded this large house, making this long-inhabited villa with the breath of life.

Bending around like dancing, Emma stood in front of the chopping board and cut every piece of fruit carefully. It is better for the injured to be more nutritious, and fruits and vegetables are indispensable. The clear sound of chopping vegetables echoed in the empty house.

Jack had been sitting quietly in the wheelchair, without saying a word. At last, he quietly closed his eyes and listened to the life breath.

To his surprise, Jack thought it was good.

After a while, the voice of Emma came out.

"Jack, you can have lunch now." Her voice was soft.

Jack slowly opened his eyes and was pushed to the dining table. For the first time, this table was set up in exquisite plates. Two bowls of porridge, some shrimps, chicken and fruit were placed in the middle, which were all brightly colored and looked very beautiful. Under the warm yellow light, the hot air of the porridge rose slowly in the light.

Emma handed the scoop to Jack.

"Hurry up. And later I will push you to the yard to bask in the sun."

Jack reached for the spoon, took a mouthful of porridge and casually chewed it.

Emma was sitting across the table, eating porridge with a big smile on her face.

"How about the taste?" Emma raised her head and asked with eyes wide open.

"It's terrible."

Jack responded coldly.

Actually the taste is ok, Jack thought. But he just didn't want to see her proud eyes.

"Then why do you eat if it tastes bad! ?" Emma said as she rolled her eyes.

Jack didn't respond. After Jack finished half bowl of porridge, he finally put down the tableware. He put his hands on the wheelchair and tapped his fingers lightly, waiting for Emma to fulfill her promise.

After tidying up the table, Emma turned around and took a thin blanket to cover Jack's legs. Then she pushed Jack into the yard.

It was spring now. The weather was neither cold nor hot. Many flowers were hanging on the branches and the sunshine was warm. Emma carefully pushed Jack on the road, fearing that some uneven roads would make Jack feel bumpy.

Jack sat there with his eyes closed, without saying anything.

The night came. Jack was about to go to bed. As a matter of course, Emma helped Jack wash his body, but this time she didn't move him to lie in the bathtub. Instead, she gently wiped his body with a towel dipped in water.

Jack looked at Emma's seriously face, and he had a more strange feeling in heart. A strange feeling was about to break out.

After bringing Jack into the bed, Emma turned around and intended to sleep in the next room.

"If you need anything, just call me. I'm right next to you. I can hear you." Emma spoke while walking.

"You can sleep here." Said Jack lightly.

Emma turned around and opened her eyes widely.

"Where do I sleep?! I'm going to take a rest on the floor? You are really torturing me! "

"Just sleep in the bed. Don't think too much." Jack said anxiously. That stupid woman! Should he beg her? That was really a great laughingstock.

"I don't want to sleep in the same bed with you." Muttered Emma.

"Will you be responsible for my falling down from the bed in the middle of the night?" Jack said angrily.

Unable to find a word to say, Emma just kept silent.

When they went to bed at night, the distance between them was very wide. Thanks to the large bed they slept on, Emma was able to stay far away from Jack.

There was a huge bed, on which two people were lying back to back. The distance between them seemed to represent the distance in their hearts.

In the middle of the night, Emma felt the bed was trembling. In a daze, Emma opened her eyes and found out that Jack wanted to go to the toilet. Suffering from the inability to move his legs, he was afraid of tearing the wound and kept struggling with his arms to get up.

With a trace of guilt, Emma helped Jack sit up in a hurry.

After Jack sat up, Emma quickly got out of bed, squatted by the bed and waited for Jack to go to the bathroom. Nothing in the bathroom was ready for excretion.

When arrived the bathroom, Emma was so anxious that Jack's legs were sore and she did not know what to do. She put her hands on the shoulders of the croupier, and the latter supported him with her whole body, which was really laborious for her.

"Loosen my pants belt for me." A lethargic voice sounded.

Emma blushed and did as Jack told. She didn't want to stay here for even one second. She just wanted to end the process of torture as soon as possible.

"I can't do it myself now. Help me." Jack shouted angrily.

'How to help?' Emma didn't get it, so she put her hands on Jack's waist more tightly.

"Ha-ha --" Jack sneered. 'What a silly woman.'

"Don't laugh at me! I'm already supporting you. Hurry up! Don't waste time!" Shouted Emma, with anger in her eyes.

"Where do you think you should support? Aren't you afraid of me getting it out of the toilet?" Jack said with a teasing smile, his eyes signaling to the smooth floor.

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