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   Chapter 53 Unbearable Pain

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Updated: 2020-05-15 15:11

Owen's POV

I remember that evening clearly, I had taken over my Dad's business recently and we were having drinks and discussing business in Rosewood hotel. Mr. Miller said that his daughter will join us at some time, as she got stuck in traffic but all of a sudden I started feeling dizzy.

Initially, I thought I may be tired of continues working, Mr. Miller suggested that he will send me to a room so that I can rest for some time and when his daughter is here we will discuss further our business.

After he left me in the room, in some time my body was on fire I felt like I would explode in some time at that time I heard the door opening, with no sense I went to the door there was a girl who entered the room, I hugged her from behind when my body touched her body I lost all c

don't have the courage to face her. I told Zack to leave Nancy to her place once she is awake. I know she will hate me for not answering any of her questions like why I kidnapped her. Why I left her without saying anything? Why I kept her here for a week.

I don't have any answer to her questions, all I know is that I am not worthy of a person like Nancy. She is a pure soul and I am a devil, who can never bring happiness in her life.

It was very painful for me to leave Nancy behind. Pain in my heart is unbearable.

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