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   Chapter 49 Kiss

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Updated: 2020-05-13 16:01

Nancy's POV

I was very happy seeing my Angie safe and happy I wanted to thank him but I had many questions also. I am scared of him; I always think that I should not offend him.

I always feel like I should not say or do anything wrong which pisses him off. He is very dangerous man.

When we came out of Owen's study room, he was walking in front of me and I was walking behind him. I mustered up courage and asked "wh…..why Angie is staying with your Dad?"

He turned back and smiled holds my hand and again started walking and I was walking behind him absent-minded.

Owen's POV

I took her to the patio and made her sit on a bench and said "baby! I had planned everything, before bringing you here or I would say before kidnapping you" I paused and winked at her and continued "Angie was not going to kindergarten from last few days after her Nanny dropped her to school my Dad use to pick her up and spe

et my cheeks go and we both were looking in each other's eyes like time froze at that moment, he slowly started getting close to me, I can feel my heart beating racing.

I feel like my heart will pop out. He came very close to me and before I could think of anything he kissed me and believe me I had never felt like this before, he entered in my mouth and I let him do it without any protest in fact I was liking this feeling and I forgot to push him.

I was running out of breath that's when he let me go and hugged me tightly. I was surprised that I was not scared of his touch neither my body trembled.

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