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   Chapter 41 Nancy is missing

Destined Love By Angela Characters: 2817

Updated: 2020-05-06 16:14

Author's POV

It was time to start the ceremony so Malcolm asked Riya to bring Nancy. Riya went to the room and knocked on the door but didn't get the response from inside. She knocked on the door three-four times but still didn't get the response. She asked the bodyguards who were standing at the door "did Nancy go out?" Both the bodyguards said "No Mam, we are standing here from the evening but Miss Jones didn't come out"

Riya tried to call Nancy, her phone was ringing inside the room but she was not responding. She tried many times but still, she didn't get any response, she felt something must be wrong Nancy never does that.

Riya called Malcolm, once he replied Riya said in the panic voice "Malcolm! Nancy is missing" Malcolm was startled he said "I am coming" and hung up the call. He excused himself from guests and came t


When she came down the stage Mr. Johnson came along with Angie in his arms and Angie said in a worried voice "Riya aunty what happened to MumDa" Riya wanted to hide from Mr. Johnson but he said, "let me see Nancy or tell me in which hospital she is?"

Riya was struggling with words when Chris also came and asked "Riya what happened to Nancy"

Riya doesn't know how to reply to them so she asked them to follow her. Once they all were in the bride's room, they saw Malcolm sitting there stressed. Riya closed the door and said "Nancy is missing"

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