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   Chapter 38 Millers went bankrupt

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Updated: 2020-05-05 14:06

After some time I came back to my room to freshen up while brushing my teeth I noticed the mark on my neck. I touched it and felt weird. It does not look like mosquito bite then I thought what else it could be, I just swapped out the thought and got ready after taking the bath.

I, Angie Malcolm, and Riya settled down in his car and drove to the shopping mall where the boutique shop was located followed by bodyguard's cars of Malcolm one was in front of us and the other was behind.

I don't understand why Malcolm wants these many securities around me. I am not any celebrity, I tried to talk to him on this but he is not ready to listen to anything on this topic.

When we entered the mall, I was shocked by seeing the news on all the TVs that Millers were bankrupt now. I immediately understood why it happened and I felt a shiver in my body thinking of Owen.

If anyone offends him, he will destroy that person. I was afraid next it could be me, I have given back answers to hi

onds are real". Malcolm took Nancy's hands in his hands gently and said "Nancy I want to give you best, and this dress fits you well"

Nancy again tried to say something but Malcolm put his index finger on her lips and said softly leaning to her ears "We are taking it, please Nancy you look beautiful in this"

Nancy's face turned red due to the closeness of Malcolm she immediately stepped back and smiled awkwardly and went back to changing room.

Malcolm paid for the dress and thanked the designer for advice and they all left the shop.

Once they left the shop Zack came out from the shop's office and said "thank you" to the designer and left.

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